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Caddick Davies are specialist motoring offence solicitors providing advice and representation on all areas of motoring  including speeding, the avoidance of disqualification on penalty points or “totting up” (exceptional hardship), driving without due care and attention (careless driving), dangerous driving and drink driving. A list of the most common offences and issues which we deal with appears on the right; take a look and find further information on the offence or issue most relevant to you or contact us by telephone, request a call back or complete our email enquiry form.

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We provide national coverage for all major cities across England & Wales 

No matter where you are in England or Wales, we can provide you with specialist representation in your case. We are specialist motoring solicitors covering Liverpool, London, Leeds, Birmingham, Carlisle, Cardiff, Manchester, Nottingham, Sheffield, Newcastle, Norwich and any other location in England and Wales.

As motoring solicitors, we will use our legal expertise and experience to defend you if you face a criminal prosecution arising from the day to day use of your motor vehicle or if you are a professional driver.

We understand the importance of protecting your licence and the impact that a prosecution will have upon you and your family, and pride ourselves in the results we achieve and on which we are happy to be judged.

In all cases we provide a personal and professional service throughout your case. Your case will be dealt with by the same specialist solicitor from start to finish, ensuring a high quality service and the best possible outcome.

What will happen when I call or make an enquiry?

All calls or enquiries to us are free and without obligation. When you call, we will ask you to provide details about your case and will then speak with you to identify any further issues which may be of relevance, including the importance of your licence to you. Once we have done this we will provisionally advise you about the issues and will propose a strategy as to how to approach your case, in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

We will then discuss with you your need for legal representation and you have our assurance, that if we do not consider you need legal representation we will tell you. We only accept cases in which we believe there is a need for representation and in which we believe we can provide value for money.

Do you need help? Call us now : 0845 467 4007

What are your fees?

We believe in fee transparency and will discuss our fees with you during your initial telephone call or in response to your enquiry.

Most commonly, our fees are provided on a fixed fee basis, meaning that we agree a fee for all the work required in your case, including its preparation and your representation at court. You can then move forward with the confidence that there will be no hidden or unexpected charges at the conclusion of your case.

In more complex cases and for those requiring our highest possible level of service and personal representation by firm principal, Mr Neil Davies, we also carry out work on an hourly basis. In those cases we will provide a very clear estimate of costs from the start and will keep you updated of the costs.

It is also good to know that if we are successful in defending your case you will be entitled to a Defendant Costs Order, which entitles you to recover the costs of your legal representation.

You can take a detailed look at our fees on our fee page.

What makes us Specialist Motoring Solicitors?

As specialist Motoring Solicitors, we do not undertake any other legal work.  By way of example we are undertaking cases involving speeding offences, avoiding penalty points disqualifications (exceptional hardship), drink driving, no insurance, careless and dangerous driving on a daily basis. This allows us to specialise in this complex area of law, so that we can provide the highest standard of legal representation.

As road traffic solicitors our expertise and experience of road traffic legislation, rules of evidence and court procedure, allows us to achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

We conduct a thorough review of all cases to decide the best and most realistic approach to your motoring offence case. In some cases this will involve defending you against an allegation at trial and in other cases, this will involve mitigating the consequences of a conviction.

In those cases where we believe that there is a realistic chance of defending your case, we will use our technical expertise, tactical awareness and access to the best motoring experts, to present a strong and robust defence against your prosecution.  The defences which we argue range from factual defences e.g. “I wasn’t speeding” or “It wasn’t me”, to very technical defences raising issues as to the accuracy of evidence  in speeding cases e.g. the speed detection device was not operated in accordance with guidance or in relation to drink driving allegations that gastric reflux (alcohol regurgitation) had caused an increased breath specimen. These are just a couple of examples of the technical challenges we can make.

In other cases, following an open and honest assessment of your case, we might advise that the best course of action is to plead guilty and to minimise any sentence imposed by way of mitigation. This mitigation can range from arguing that you should not be disqualified from driving because of the consequences upon you and your family, to more technical arguments that there are “special reasons” in connection with your case such that the court can exercise a discretion not to endorse points or disqualify you e.g. you were driving with no insurance but had no idea your policy had been cancelled.

Believing that you should never limit your approach, we will also “think outside the box” and if appropriate in your case we will seek to negotiate with the prosecution to withdraw the case against you in favour of a driver improvement or speed awareness course.

We apply this thorough and expert approach to all driving offences including, speeding, caught drink driving, using a mobile phone, careless driving, dangerous driving, driving with no insurance, avoiding disqualification on penalty points (exceptional hardship) and any other offence upon which representation may be required.


What is your success rate?

The simplest answer we can give is to ask you to consider our testimonials and to say that we are very good at what we do.

We do not believe in quoting success rates by way of percentage, as we believe this to be both unethical and misleading as each and every case must be considered on its individual merits.

When you contact us we will give you an honest appraisal of your case and the likelihood of success, based upon our vast experience of dealing with similar cases.

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