Thomas Bebb, Totting Up Points While Speeding

Had I not had the benefit of your experience I would have been disqualified on the spot!

I was prosecuted before Brent Magistrates Court for speeding and because of the number of points on my licence, I knew that I might be disqualified from driving. As I had recently started an HGV tyre replacement business I relied on my licence and had I lost it I would have lost my business.

I was represented at court by Mr Davies and we made an application for “exceptional hardship” so that the court would not disqualify me. We made the application and it was granted, allowing me to keep my business and my licence.

In this respect I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Caddick Davies for the excellent work they did on my behalf; had we not had the benefit of their experience, there is no doubt that I would have been disqualified on the spot. In fact, if Mr Davies had not picked up on the magistrate’s’ reactions and immediately altered the stress of the argument, then I feel there was a distinct possibility that I would still have lost my licence.

I would stress the expertise of Caddick Davies to anyone in a similar position; they really know what they’re doing!

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