Applying for a driving licence after epilepsy

Having a driving licence revoked due to epilepsy is not an easy thing. It can be a very distressing time in a person’s life that needs to be addressed by the appropriate professionals. Since driving is a very important part of many people’s lives, it makes perfect sense to look for professionals to help with applying for a driving licence after epilepsy.

Besides your GP, you may also need a qualified motoring solicitor to advise on the legal requirements of the whole application or re-application process. At Caddick Davies, we possess the skills and experience to get you the best possible outcome in a motoring law situation. Considering that we focus solely on motoring law, we are the most effective solicitors to ask for guidance and representation when you lose your driving licence.\


Should I let the DVLA know about my epilepsy?

You must tell the DVLA about your epilepsy, especially if you suffer an epileptic seizure. You should be aware that the law requires you to inform the DVLA of any medical condition that affects your driving. You could be fined up to £1,000, or even be prosecuted should you get involved in an accident as a result of the condition. So, inform the DVLA of your epilepsy as soon as possible. It is worth knowing that telling the DVLA about your epilepsy, or related seizures, often speeds up the process of re-applying for a driving licence after epilepsy.


Will your licence be revoked if you have epilepsy?

There are a range of specific reasons that may cause the DVLA to revoke your driving licence when you have epilepsy. You need, therefore, to understand that your licence could be revoked if you have epilepsy. It is recommended that you surrender your driving licence if you are suffering from regular epileptic seizures at present.

This way, as mentioned before, you will often have an easier time of applying for your driving licence after epilepsy, once your GP finds you fit to drive again. You should note that your doctor must inform the driving DVLA of your condition even when you have not surrendered your licence. This could lead to the medical revocation of your licence.


Can you re-apply for a revoked licence after a certain time period?

Applying for a driving licence after a certain time period without a seizure is allowed. Your medical professional has to find you fit to drive again first. Our expert motoring solicitors can help you in this whole process. While the severity and frequency of previous seizures may determine the time period before reapplying for a licence, it is usually 12 months from the last seizure. Talk to us as you approach this mark and we can help with applying for a driving licence after epilepsy.

Our highly competent motoring solicitors at Caddick Davies offer excellent legal advice when applying for a driving licence after epilepsy. You can use our website to email us, or request a callback. If you prefer, call our personable experts on 0151 280 3346. The process of getting your licence back requires interpretation of various motoring laws, so you will find it highly useful to contact us at Caddick Davies. Our solicitors offer a dedicated approach to ensure the best possible outcome.

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