Men, what drives you NUTS about women drivers?

The women have had their say, so now it’s the turn of the fellas to reveal what makes them blow a gasket when it comes to the driving habits of female motorists.

Men, we all know that we are the kings of the road, but just what is it about women drivers that make us so superior?

Maybe it’s their inability to park?

Could it be the fact that they seem completely unable to follow directions or even know where they are going half the time?

Or perhaps you can’t stand the fact that they think of the car as an extension of their wardrobe, leaving shoes and clothes everywhere.

Well here’s your chance to tell everyone, once and for all, just what it is that has you waiting for a bus in the rain rather than sharing a car with your wife, girlfriend, mum, sister, or just about any other woman driver that you know.

Tell us what the most annoying habit of women drivers in our Caddick Davies poll below.


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