Successful Defence of Careless Driving Charge

Following a trial before Mold Magistrates Court, North Wales, today, our client was found not guilty of a charge of driving without due care and attention or careless driving, an offence which is committed when a persons driving falls below that expected of a “competent and careful” driver. The case arose from our clients involvement in a...

Driving Without Insurance – Making a Mistake

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The  Motor Insurance Bureau currently estimates that there are approximately 1 Million uninsured drivers on UK roads. It is suggested that this number will rise over coming months owing to the substantial increases in premiums charged by insurance companies. The law recognises that the offence of driving without insurance is a serious one and provides...

Launch of Caddick Davies New Website

Caddick Davies Solicitors, the Liverpool motoring and road traffic solicitors is proud to launch its new website, which includes even more helpful information for our clients and the public at large on motoring offences and related issues. The site includes many new features such as a detailed FAQ page, which provides the answers to the questions which you may...

Increased Fines & Tickets for Motorists?

It was reported today (7th July 2012) in the Telegraph Newspaper, that fines against motorists for offences such as speeding are to be increased under new legislation. It being suggested that fines for offences such as speeding would increase by up to £100. Is this true? The answer to this is perhaps a confusing yes...

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Behind the Headlines: New speeding guidelines explained

Drivers found guilty of the most serious speeding offences could face harsher penalties under new sentencing guidelines, but some confusion still surrounds the new law change. Stricter punishment for drivers committing the...

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