QUIZ: How well do you know your road signs?

Give Way sign with car in background

Road signs. We come across them every day, whether driving, on the bus or even walking along the street. But despite the fact we see them all the time, how many of us can say we know exactly what they mean? Having a good knowledge of road signs is imperative for any motorists and is...

QUIZ: Are you prepared for winter driving?

Dirt covered SUV on a muddy road

Take the Caddick Davies winter motoring quiz and test your knowledge when it comes to driving at the most hazardous time of the year. Taking to the road always requires a great deal of concentration at the best of times, but during the winter motoring becomes all the more difficult as darker nights, slippery surfaces and extreme weather all...

Britain’s Rudest Drivers revealed

Angry man leaning out of his car in a fit of rage

The place in Britain with the rudest drivers has been named and shamed in a new study and motorists in Bristol are the biggest menace on our roads latest research shows. Using a mobile phone at the wheel and not indicating the worst habits seen in drivers. The study of UK drivers by Privilege car...

Driving test to get a major overhaul

If you’ve taken your driving test chances are you will have spent countless hours beforehand perfecting your ‘reverse around the corner’ or ‘turn in the road’. Well, for anyone looking to take their test next year such manoeuvres might be concerns of the past, with the DVSA looking to introduce a raft of big changes...

How a ‘Brexit’ Vote COULD Affect Motorists in the UK

With a referendum on Britain’s position in the EU about to take place, motorists up and down the country could be forgiven for feeling anxious as to how a ‘leave’ vote might affect them. This is the first time the public has had a say on Britain’s position in the EU since 1975, after a vote...

Nationwide Euro 2016 drink drive campaign launched

Police officers will be showing drink and drug drivers the red card during this summer’s festival of football. The 2016 European Championship tournament started on Friday June 10 and Police officers have been quick to urge people to think carefully before jumping into the driver’s seat under the influence. The summer campaign is part of...

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Behind the Headlines: New speeding guidelines explained

Drivers found guilty of the most serious speeding offences could face harsher penalties under new sentencing guidelines, but some confusion still surrounds the new law change. Stricter punishment for drivers committing the...

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