Motoring Offence Lawyers in County Durham

With our team of expert motoring solicitors at Caddick Davies ideally positioned in major regions across England and Wales, we are able to provide our reliable legal services to many drivers. If you are looking for a motoring offence solicitor in County Durham, we are the experts to consider.

Our expert driving solicitors in County Durham can consider your available defences and identify any mitigating circumstances for a range of offences and other motoring law situations:

– speeding                                                                                  – caught driving without insurance

driving without due care and attention                             – traffic road sign offence

– caught driving while using a mobile phone                      – DUI

– medical revocation of a driving licence                             – totting up ban

The list above is not exhaustive. We can still offer legal help for various other motoring offences not mentioned. So, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are facing charges for any other offence, not on the list.

At Caddick Davies, we specialise solely in motoring offences and have a great understanding of motoring law. Our expert lawyers are highly qualified and have the dedication to get you the best possible outcome. So, if you are facing possible prosecution for any motoring offence, contact our driving solicitors in County Durham for legal assistance.

We offer legal assistance for all motoring offences, representing and advising drivers charged with many types of offence. Our solicitors always utilise completely the available evidence as well as circumstances. We will be able to get you a strong defence and mitigating circumstances that can get you the best outcome possible. The expert motoring offence solicitor you’ll be getting will be working towards a win but may settle for the most favourable outcome in very serious cases.

Caddick Davies experts do not just offer legal advice and representation to those facing motoring offences in the area. We also task ourselves with the responsibility of raising the importance of adhering to the driving law in the region. Our driving solicitors in County Durham conduct campaigns to sensitise drivers on the consequences of breaking the law.

Thanks to our highly qualified and experienced experts, as well as our strategies, we have gained a lot of success and earned respect in courts across the UK. We have helped thousands of drivers, and our firm is considered a leading option among motoring solicitors firms in England and Wales. Our personable competent lawyers make us be regarded as the “go to” firm. Media sources like BBC, ITV and The Times also get the legal comment from our experts. Our Senior Partner, Neil Davies also contributes regularly to a column in the Auto Express Magazine.

For every driver that we offer legal assistance, we ensure they get legal services of high-quality at competitive prices. Since we operate on a Fixed Fee Basis at Caddick Davies, our legal costs are favourable to many of our clients in need of legal help. We focus on providing any driver with competent and affordable driving solicitors in County Durham.

Should you be facing possible prosecution for any motoring offence in County Durham and are looking for legal assistance, you can contact us for a free no-obligation initial consultation. We will carefully look through your case and offer an honest evaluation of the case. Once our specialist driving solicitors in County Durham take your case, they work on it without tiring you out with legal details. Instead, we constantly ask questions, inform and advice accordingly.

To get a competent motoring offence solicitor in County Durham from Caddick Davies, you can call us on 03334 432 366, email us or use our website to request a callback and we’ll call you at a time you prefer. We can answer any question about motoring offences legal help that you may have and provide the required legal assistance.

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