Catherine Smith

Catherine is a Senior Solicitor with experience in excess of 20 years. She deals with all aspects of civil litigation and her specialty is dealing with road traffic accidents, particularly where there are complex issues of liability or causation. In addition Catherine deals with issues relating to disputes with insurance companies and in particular uninsured losses.

Whilst most of her work is Claimant work, she has spent a number of years Defending cases and acting on behalf of major Insurers, which enables her to see the case from both angles, which is helpful when assessing potential risks in the cases she deals with.

In dealing with your claim for you, Catherine will aim to secure the best compensation for you for your injury which will involve her liaising with medicalexperts, commission reports, arrange expert meetings and joint reports. She will deal with all of the vehicle aspects of your claim, to instructing the engineer, arranging repairs, arranging credit hire for a replacement vehicle for you and, if necessary, obtaining a report on diminution in value, should your car be devalued due to the accident. If you have been off work she will ensure that your loss of earnings are repaid. If you ability to work in the future has been compromised, she will ensure that that is taken into compensation by claiming a lump sum know as a “Smith and Manchester” award.

Catherine is tenacious in her approach and if she thinks that the Court has made a wrong decision, she is not afraid to take your case to appeal. Amongst her successful appeals is a Court of Appeal decision where a Judge held that her client was partially responsible for her accident, for standing too close to the kerb, when a bus misjudged the corner and the back wheel came onto the kerb and injured her client. The Trial Judge found that the pedestrian was 25% to blame.  This was reversed on appeal and the bus driver was found 100% responsible for the accident.

Significant Case

  1. Osei-Antwi and South East London & Kent Bus Company Ltd  – This case proceeded to the Court of Appeal  – Result – Appeal allowed and quash the original decision of the lower court.

Claiming against Insurers

As Caddick Davies is a full service firm relating to motoring issues. Clients also request assistance with insurance companies when they have been charged and acquitted of offences relating to careless or dangerous driving. Catherine assists clients whose Insurers have refused to pay out under the terms of the Insurance policy. For example where the Insurers have refused to pay out after a vehicle has been stolen, or they allege wrongly, breach of policy conditions.

Like and Hobbies

Catherine is a keen gardener who is living her own “Good Life” enjoying growing flowers, fruit and vegetables in her garden in which she is also keen to add has a fish pond. She is a  good cook who enjoys entertaining and walking her dogs on the local beaches.

Catherine’s Comments

“I enjoy the diversity that my job brings me. Liaising with clients, negotiating with Insurers, Solicitors and attending Court. The most rewarding part of my job is when a client thanks me for a job well done”

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