Daniel Wardle

Daniel is a Trainee Solicitor and Motoring Law Specialist who will soon be a fully qualified solicitor. He has experience in all areas of motoring law but expresses a particular interest in careless driving, speeding and drink driving offences.

Daniel has a meticulous eye for detail and is held in high esteem for his ability to tackle niche and complex areas of law and get to the heart of the matter and for his fairness and integrity.

Daniel has recently been involved in talks on BBC radio in Newcastle. In addition his recent research on driver courses gained national attention. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/drivers-face-postcode-lottery-comes-6001714

Significant Cases

Daniel deals with a variety of cases and has tackled some interesting and unusual issues. The amount of cases Daniel has dealt with renders the below list merely a snapshot of significant cases handled. However, if your case does not fall in any of the below then please do not hesitate to contact the office where we will be happy to assist.

  1. R v PD Newcastle Magistrates Court Drink Driving – client was found with a 155mg/100ml of breath and was advised of a guilty plea – Result – Suspended Sentence
  2. R v K Thames Magistrates Court Careless Driving – Client was prosecuted for hitting a motorcyclist. However, it was shown that the client could not have seen the motorcyclist as he was filtering in locations in which he would not have been visible. Result – Not Guilty after Trial
  3. R v E Carlisle Magistrates Court Failing to give information – Client defended allegation on grounds that postage was not received in her local area of Scotland – Result – Case Discontinued by Crown
  4. R v P Ipswich Crown Court Drink Driving – Drink Drive – This was defended on a specific interpretation of section 5 Road Traffic Act 1988. The Judge agreed that the client had not absorbed alcohol at time of driving and therefore accepted the argument – Result – Appeal Successful
  5. R v CD Sheffield Magistrates Court Speeding – Client was a Belgian Licence holder and also was driving a Belgian registered vehicle. It was made clear that the Crown would find difficulties in the case for a number of offence. The Crown accepted a guilty plea to two offences and withdrew 8 offences – Result- Client avoids 30 penalty points and receives an endorsement of 6 points
  6. R v D Birmingham Magistrates Court Failing to Stop/Report and Careless Driving – Client was guilty of one offence but not guilty pleas to others, representations provided to Crown about “public interest” to prosecute – Result – Case Discontinued by Crown
  7. R v A Willesden Magistrates Court Carless Driving – Client defended allegation on the grounds that he had no knowledge of his brakes being defected which resulted in an accident – Result – Not Guilty after Trial

Like and Hobbies

Daniel is a keen musician, playing both electric and acoustic guitar at a high level. Daniel enjoys comedies and is often likened to Eric Morecambe from Morecambe and Wise!

Daniel also is a keen dart player and enjoys many sports including football for which he supports Sunderland AFC.

Daniels Comments

“I deal with a variety of clients and I am very approachable. I invest a lot of time, attention and care into cases and with a personable attitude to ensure that all clients are treated as a person as oppose to a number”.

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