Lee Spargo-Kean

Lee Spargo has extensive experience over the last 14 years and is Affiliate Member of Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEX). Lee has experience in all types of motoring cases including all drink related offences, driving without due care and attention, driving without insurance, driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence, speeding and failing to provide driver details.

Significant Cases

  1. R v A Waltham Forest Magistrates Court Carless Driving – client was prosecuted for the offence, when in fact it was the driver in front who had pulled out onto him and caused the accident.– Result – Not Guilty after trial
  2. R v A Stratford Magistrates Court Careless Driving – client was prosecuted for careless driving whilst driving on the motorway, when another vehicle came off the slip road and collided into her vehicle. Client was prosecuted as it was suggested that she had moved into the wrong lane. Expert evidence obtained which showed the forensically this did not add up- Result – Not Guilty after trial
  3. R v B Leamington Spa Magistrates Court drink driving – client was successful once obtaining all the evidence in the case which showed that an experienced Police Officer failed to provide the requisite warnings in advance of obtaining breath specimens – Result – Crown offer no evidence.
  4. R v P Hendon Magistrates Court Drink Driving – The Crown had failed in there processes in properly warning witnesses. The Crown requested adjournment this was vigorously opposed and accepted by the Court – Result – Crown offer no evidence.
  5. R v F Nottingham Magistrates Court Drunk in charge of motor vehicle – Court accepted that the client had no likelihood that he would drive Result – Not Guilty after trial
  6. R v J Manchester Crown Court Drink Driving – Crown had no evidence as to the driver of the vehicle and the client had informed the Crown that someone else was driving. The office failed to undertake necessary investigations – Result – Case Dismissed by Judge and Appeal successful.

DVLA Medical Revocations

Lee works alongside Hojol Uddin on medical revocations and has in depth knowledge of the statute and of the DVLA’s Guidance on Fitness to Drive and the process of challenging a revocation.

Likes and Hobbies

Lee has his hands full away from work with his wife and 6 children. In addition to his family(and when Lee has free time) he like playing golf. Lee is also a true blue and supports Everton Football Club.

Lee’s Comments

“I enjoy legal research and advising client on a daily basis. I understand the stress that all clients go through when facing a criminal prosecution and I will do all I can to ensure that its as pain free as possible”

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