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As one of the most respected speeding solicitors across Bristol, Caddick Davies is able to offer high-quality legal services to motorists in the region at competitive rates. We understand that driving represents a crucial part of many people’s livelihood, with our experienced lawyers in the best position to represent you and help you to reach the most favourable possible outcome for your legal case.

Our legal team are highly qualified and have years of experience in dealing with motoring offences such as speeding. Such offences can bring significant penalties, so it’s important to hire the right speeding solicitor to explore the circumstances of your case and represent you in court if needed. Caddick Davies is an accredited legal firm with an excellent track record of legal success. We offer specialist motoring law services as our sole focus.


Our speeding solicitors will start by providing free legal advice via an initial telephone consultation explaining our various legal services to the client. We will also be able to analyse your case and explore the potential legal solutions and give an honest appraisal on whether we can take on your case. Here at Caddick Davies, we’re of the opinion that you shouldn’t have to spend a fortune to access high-quality legal services.

We make our pricing structure completely transparent from the very start, so you’ll be made aware of the exact costs before we begin working with you. Take a look through our testimonials, and you’ll see a long track record of clients who are satisfied after working with us. Caddick Davies will connect you with a speeding solicitor who fully understands your legal needs and will be able to inform you on the implications of your case in a helpful and relatable way.

They will take the time to review your motoring charge and examine possible outcomes before constructing a robust defence. Caddick Davies is a legal team made up of highly qualified lawyers who are experience in motoring law. The respect that our speeding solicitors have gained in courts in Bristol and around the nation is due to our expertise and diligent preparation. We put our clients in the best position to mitigate any speeding penalty where legally possible.


Speeding offences can lead to fines, the accumulation of penalty points and even licence disqualification. Our exceptional legal services give you the best chance of a favourable outcome in your motoring offence case. We can also look into pursuing pro-active alternatives such as speed awareness courses to mitigate any possible fines and/or penalty points and the ensuing impact on your car insurance rates. We value our clients, and will keep you informed about developments within your case throughout the process.

Your speeding solicitor will discuss the funding arrangements with you before starting the case so that you know exactly where you stand. Caddick Davies offers every client a transparent and competitive quotation and provides you with an opportunity to ask any question before hiring our legal services. Our legal services do not come with any hidden charges. Caddick Davies continues to offer an industry-leading legal service for motorists in the Bristol area, providing elite legal representation at a competitive cost.


Caddick Davies is committed to offering legal services that represent our clients to the highest standard. Should you be facing a speeding charge in or around Bristol, we are equipped to offer high-quality legal services at the most affordable rates. Contact our legal team today by phone on 0151 280 3346 or email via our website to chat about any legal support or representation we may be able to offer.

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