Speeding Solicitors in Barnet

If you are being charged with a speeding offence in the area of Barnet, it is important that you hire the right legal expert to help you. You are at the risk of receiving a range of penalties that can vary in relation to the severity of a case. Depending on how far you are over the speed limit, you could pay a fine, you could receive penalty points on your licence, or you could even get disqualified from driving in some cases.

The ideal person to involve when facing prosecution for a speeding offence is an experienced motoring solicitor. Thankfully Caddick Davies offer a team of excellent legal staff for anyone seeking a speeding solicitor in Barnet. Through our team of well-established motoring solicitors, we can expertly handle speeding offences charges in motoring courts across the country, with a strong track record in successfully defending our clients.

Dealing effectively with a speeding charge requires knowing all aspects of how to defend a charge and explore any mitigating factors that may apply. Offering a professional and diligent service, our team of highly qualified and experienced speeding solicitors have built a reputation for trusted legal care. Take a look at the testimonials on our site to see how we can be of help to you. We have represented many clients over a number of years and provided a range of defences and mitigating factors to get the best possible outcome in the cases we handle.

Like many of our previous clients, we may also be able to find you a favourable outcome through our services as speeding offence solicitors in Barnet.  If we represent you, we’ll provide our services as speeding solicitors in Barnet with the same level of dedicated approach we bring to every case. By carefully analysing the specific evidence, we ensure not to overlook even the smallest detail for cases where equipment like a speed trap or camera was used. Our specialists will ensure everything is professionally handled to give you the best defence. Your speeding offence case is strongly influenced by the quality of representation you get. At Caddick Davies, we’ll have an expert speeding solicitor in Barnet provide an effective defence.


Being a motoring law firm, we take the effort to advise and create awareness of safe driving practices in relation to motoring offences such as speeding. We also provide reliable legal advice as we offer defences and explore mitigating circumstances for your case. At times, a speeding solicitor from Caddick Davies may advise you to take a proactive penalty like speed awareness at the expense of other more serious penalties. We ensure you know your legal options in full at each stage.

It is important to understand that speeding penalties can also affect your vehicle’s insurance rates, making them increase as your licence points accumulate. Therefore, it is more advisable financially to find a speeding offence solicitor in Barnet who can assist you find an alternative to the more severe speeding offence penalties.

Should you be facing prosecution for a speeding offence and are looking for a reliable speeding offence solicitor in Barnet, contact us for a free initial consultation. We’ll use this consultation to explore the details of your case and advise you about your situation while considering the penalties you’re likely to face. Our services in this region and across England and Wales have earned us recognition as one of the leading speeding solicitors in the UK.

You can benefit from our legal services at Caddick Davies through a highly qualified and knowledgeable speeding solicitor in Barnet. Reach us by phone on 0151 280 3346 or use our website to email us or request a callback. We’ll soon have a legal expert respond and offer your free consultation in order to answer any speeding offence questions you may have.

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