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The event of being caught Driving without Insurance in Ipswich is a difficult situation for any motorist. Thankfully, at Caddick Davies Solicitors, a team of expert motoring lawyers are available to offer legal guidance and representation to those facing driving without insurance charges in this and many other locations around England and Wales. We possess a lot of experience in this field thanks to the many clients we have assisted.

Anyone using a motor vehicle on a road or any other public place without being insured is breaking the law. It is also an offence when you allow or cause another person to use a vehicle with no insurance. These offences attract a standard penalty of a £300 and the addition to your licence of 6 penalty points. In the most serious cases, you may even face a much larger financial penalty and/or disqualification from driving by the court.

Mistakes can be made with a complicated process such as car insurance. For anyone who is caught Driving without Insurance in Ipswich and receives a Fixed Penalty Notice or Court Summons, please get in touch with us for expert legal guidance through the no-obligation consultation that we offer.

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How Do I Defend a Driving Without Insurance Charge?

Categorised as a “strict liability” offence, driving without insurance is regarded as a motoring offence, irrespective of any intent to commit the act. There are limitations on the number of defences to driving with no insurance charge:

Valid Insurance: You utilise this to prove that you were in possession of a valid policy of insurance; or

Employees’ Defence: you make use of this to show that the vehicle you were driving didn’t belong to you in the course of your employment, and you were unaware that you were not covered by insurance.

There are a limited range of defences to the charge of driving without insurance, but it may still be possible to ask the court not to impose penalty points on a “special reasons” basis. These are times that you “genuinely and honestly” believe that you were insured. We can advise on your legal options in this area.


Where Can I Find Help with a Driving Without Insurance Charge?

When you get caught Driving without Insurance in Ipswich, you can involve Caddick Davies Solicitors. We offer the ideal legal support to assist you through the charges of an offence of driving with no insurance. We are able to represent motorists in any case of driving without insurance with confidence, thanks to the many clients we have helped across motoring courts in England and Wales. Our excellent legal services are effective and affordable to motorists. Caddick Davies Solicitors operate on a Fixed Fee Basis to ensure you get quality legal support on transparent financial terms.

We have been specialising in motoring law for many years, covering motorists caught Driving without Insurance in Ipswich, as well as other motoring offences. We provide ideal legal representation in motoring courts. Should you find yourself facing an investigation or prosecution because of driving without insurance, please call or email us and we’ll offer a free consultation. The consultation enables us to know your case. After an expert and honest evaluation, we will guide on ideal legal options to consider and ensure that you get the legal advice you need.

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