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At Caddick Davies Solicitors, we specialise in the representation of motorists around England and Wales who have been charged with a motoring offence. With over 10,000 cases and a strong track record in successful outcomes – over 93% successful at last count – you can be confident that you’re getting the best possible legal guidance.

In law, where the driver of a vehicle is alleged to have committed an offence, the police may make a request through either a Fixed Penalty Notice, or a court summons. In either scenario, you can seek the help of our expert motoring offence solicitors to defend your charge, particularly in cases where there are mitigating circumstances.

Having represented motorists in motoring courts all around England and Wales, we’ll be ideally equipped to help you discuss the details of your motoring charge and advise on your ideal legal options going forward. Whether you’re in Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool or London, or anywhere else in the country, you can speak to our legal team today.

Should we take on your legal representation, we will ensure that you are fully informed on the details of your case. Our service is marked by legal expertise, personable guidance, clear communication and transparency on all of our legal fees. Get in touch today to find out more.

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We appreciate that many motorists can be unsure of their legal options when facing a motoring charge, so if you get in touch with us today, our friendly and knowledgeable legal team will be able to explore the specific details of your case and advise you on your available legal options.


Over 10,000 cases covered

We have an extensive legal track record and respected standing in motoring courts around the country.

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The vast majority of our client reviews are in the “Excellent” category, reflecting the quality of our legal care.

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Given our ability to successfully defend almost every case we take on, you can have full confidence in our expertise.

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We offer a range of legal services across many different motoring charges. Whatever legal needs you bring, we guarantee the same quality of care, characterised by:


Free Consultation

Whether in-person or over the phone, we can provide free and no-obligation consultations to inform on your case.


Transparent Fees

Should you take on our legal representation, we are totally clear on any legal fees you should expect.


Expert Team

Alongside our senior partner Neil Davies, we offer an experienced and highly competent legal team.


High Success Rate

With at least 93%* of the cases we take on ending in a successful result, with Caddick Davies you’re almost guaranteed to be happy with the result.


Clear Communication

Rather than being hidden behind layers of automated systems, you’ll speak to real legal experts who provide helpful guidance on your case.


Nationwide Coverage

Between our team of available motoring solicitors, we can cater to cases in motoring courts all around England and Wales.

We have been successfully representing clients in motoring courts nationwide

Contact us for a free consultation, our expert solicitors will be able to discuss your case and advise on legal options.


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Some of the most commonly asked questions we receive on motoring offences include:

A Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) for speeding, is an administrative alternative to prosecution before a Magistrates’ Court. If you accept the Fixed Penalty Notice you will be required to pay a penalty of £100.00 and 3 penalty points will be endorsed on your driving licence. There is no obligation to accept a Fixed Penalty Notice and you may reject it and request that your case is heard by a court.

You should only accept a Fixed Penalty Notice if you accept that you have committed the offence. If you do not accept that you have committed the offence then you should reject the fixed Penalty Notice.

If you accept that you have committed an offence of speeding then it would be our advice to attend on any course offered to you. The Speed Awareness Course is offered in the alternative to a Fixed Penalty Notice or formal prosecution before the Magistrates’ Court and does not in itself impose any penalty.

The Speed Awareness Course takes the form of a 1/2 day classroom session (approximately 3 hours) and ranges between £80 and £120. If you do not accept that you have committed the offence, then as a matter of principle you may wish to reject the offer and request that any case is heard before a Magistrates’ Court where you can challenge the charge against you.

If you have been offered a Speed Awareness Course and don’t know what to do, please call us for advice and a no obligation consultation on how we can help.

In various motoring offence cases, the magistrates have a discretion not to endorse penalty points for the offence if they are satisfied that there were “special reasons” in connection with the offence. For instance if you were driving at excess speed owing to an emergency, subject to the facts, it may be argued that penalty points should not be endorsed.

We have successfully avoided the endorsement of penalty points on behalf of a number of clients for reasons ranging from rushing to get to a toilet to having a genuine and honest misunderstanding of the speed limit in force. If you believe that you may have “special reasons”, please contact us for advice a no obligation consultation on how we can help.

We provide clear lines of communication with our clients, so you will be able to receive updates on your current legal costs at any point, speaking to one of our motoring legal team for information.

It is good to know that if we are successful in defending your case, you will be entitled to a Defendant Costs Order, which entitles you to recover the costs of your legal representation (amount awarded subject to assessment). We can inform you of your legal options at whatever point this becomes relevant.

What Our Clients Say

We truly value and appreciate the feedback we receive from our clients, as we look to improve the services we offer on an ongoing basis.

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Caddick Davies is recognised as one of England and Wales’ leading motoring law firms, offering specialist Speeding Solicitors, Drink Driving Solicitors & Dangerous Driving Solicitors.  We provide advice and representation on all motoring offences including speeding, the avoidance of disqualification on penalty points or “totting up” (exceptional hardship), driving without due care and attention (careless driving), dangerous driving, drink driving, as well as a range of services related to medical revocation of a driving licence.

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