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Alan's testimonial

“I thought it was only right for me to express my gratitude to all of the team for a fantastic job well done. I was in dire straights when i accumulated over my maximum allowance of speeding points and approached Caddick Davies to defend me in two separate cases in two courts. From the very…”



Charged with Drink Driving

“After being charged for drink driving I contacted Caddick Davies Solicitors and discussed my case with Neil Davies. I was extremely pleased to have Neil dealing with my case from start to finish. Neil was calm, understanding and extremely professional yet always provided an honest view of my chances of success and the various routes…”

Charley Smith


Charged with Driving whilst over the Legal Limit

“Huge thank you to Hojol Uddin and the great team at Caddick Davies for helping me to keep my licence. In May 2013, I was charged with driving whilst over the legal limit and summoned to appear in Court at Bexley Magistrates Court. Admittedly, I was very anxious and worried by the prospect of losing…”

Viktor Koke


Caught Speeding

“I recently needed advice and court representation for a speeding issue. I was fortunate enough to be allocated Hojol Uddin, Senior Solicitor and Lee Spargo, Legal Assistant. Both these members of the Caddick Davies team were immediately very supportive and demonstrated much sensitivity to my concerns about the potential outcome of the pending case.”

Carol H


Prosecuted for an Offence of Speeding

“I have just finished in court and received 6 points and a fine. I would just like to thank you for all you help in this matter and for the result. Mr Uddin did a fantastic job in the court so please pass a thank you on to him too.”

Gregory Glover

Failing to Provide Driver Information

“In 2013 I had the misfortune of a speeding charge turning into a charge of failing to provide information as to the identity of a driver, contrary to section 172 (3) of the road traffic act 1988. I was not expecting a positive outcome to the case and expected 6 points and a hefty fine….”

Dave Garton

Charged with driving with no insurance

“Just wanted to say Thank You for your great customer service and advice. Should we ever come across anyone who will need your help we will definitely recommend your service. Can we also say a massive thank you for to Mr Davies who was brilliant in court!!”

Stephen Wilson

Medical Revocation of Driving Licence

“Just keep reading if you are looking for help with retaining your driving licence. If you have been told that your licence is beinbg revoked (car or HGV) and you don’t believe the decision is right you have come to the right place. I can tell you through experience with these guys if they believe…”

Fred Dixon

Charged for a Drink Driving Offence

“I was charged with an offence of drink driving and was due to appear before a court in London and needed a specialist solicitor. I found Caddick Davies on the internet and from the minute I made my enquiry to the very last minute of my trial, the whole team at Caddick Davies Solicitors were brilliant…”

Richard Ratnasingham

Charged with Drink Driving

“I would like to say a big thank you to you and your team for all your hard work. You were honest from the start regarding our case and your knowledge was second to none. Without your hard work my son would be without his licence and his job. Your expertise was outstanding and I…”

Steve Musgrove

Totting Up 12 Points

“Having 9 points already on my licence and being summonsed to court for stupidly speeding, I was sure I would be disqualified for a long period of time, as I understood that I didn’t have any chance of “exceptional hardship”; But hanks to Mr Neil Davies and his colleague Hojol Uddin, I came away with…”

John Harvey

Fail to provide driver details

“I would like to thank the team at Caddick Davies Solicitors, especially Neil Davies. Neil has a wealth of knowledge in his specialised area, that combined with his open and honest approach immediately fills you with the confidence that your case will be handled with the utmost professionalism and receive the best approach possible resulting…”

Helen Terry

Drink Driving Ban

“I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me, here is a brief summary: I was looking at a drink/drive ban in excess of 20 months, which would have ruined my career & crippled me financially. After speaking to other motor specialist lawyers, I chose Caddick Davies as I spoke to Neil…”

David Alex

Caught Speeding

“I would just like to thank you and your team for the amazing job you did in court, with the seriousness of my speed travelling at 113 mph I was sure I was going to lose my licence to which the consequences would have meant me losing my job and the only income into my…”

Michael Foster

Driving Licence Offence

“Dear Hojol, I would like to say thank you very much indeed for your work on my defence of the recent alleged driving licence offence case brought by Essex Police, which as you know was successful with costs being awarded against the police. I have been extremely impressed by the professional service that I received…”

Mrs M

Failing to Stop

“Dear Hojol, I am writing to thank you for your support, patience and total professionalism when dealing with my son’s case. Even though the case, legally, was relatively straightforward (failing to stop, failing to report and assault) it came about as a result of another person trying to make financial gain from a totally fictitious…”

Mrs Hemingway

Failing to Provide a Specimen of Breath

“May I sincerely commend the efforts of the team at Caddick Davies especially Neil Davies and Hojol Uddin. Their professionalism and down to earth advice was frankly outstanding throughout the entire process and I would recommend their services to anyone – a wise choice of legal professionals – thank you very much. I am obviously…”

Edward McGrane

Saved From a Driving Disqualification

“I was caught speeding late at night with a camera van. When the prosecution arrived I expected a fixed penalty but was summoned to court and faced disqualification which after having a clean driving licence for 28 years was a shock. I turned to Caddick Davies firstly speaking to Neil who advised me of my position…”

Philip Radford

Stopped for a Speeding Offence

“At 111mph I was sure that I would lose my licence, however Mr Davies had other ideas. Mr Davies represented me before Bicester Magistrates Court after I had been caught admittedly driving far too fast on my way home after a week away on business. As a manufacturing business owner, I could not afford any…”

Chris Stephens

Driving Without Due Care and Attention

“Caddick Davies Solicitors displayed a thoroughly professional approach in discharging their responsibilities whilst defending me at Mold Magistrates Court. The charge against me had been one of driving without due care and attention, following my collision with a cyclist. This accident had only happened because I had been temporarily blinded by the sun which was…”

Phil Jones

Driving Without Insurance

“Thank you for your excellent representation at Harwich Magistrates Court on behalf of my son. The outcome was as good as I could have hoped for. Would you also express my thanks to Laura McKinnon, your barrister who represented us at court and was thoroughly professional both before and during the hearing. I would have…”

Mike Malone

Totting Up Points While Speeding

“Had I not had the benefit of your experience I would have been disqualified on the spot! I was prosecuted before Brent Magistrates Court for speeding and because of the number of points on my licence, I knew that I might be disqualified from driving. As I had recently started an HGV tyre replacement business…”

Thomas Bebb

Offence of Speeding and Totting Up Points

“Thank you again Neil, you were superb in what was a horrid situation. Well done! I will be recommending you to everybody I know! I was prosecuted before Kendal Magistrate’s Court for an offence of speeding and as a result of the number of points on my licence, I knew that I would tot up…”

Louise White

Drink Driving Offence

“I was impressed by the in-depth knowledge Mr Davies has of drink driving offences … I was prosecuted before Burnley Magistrates Court for an offence of drink driving. I provided a specimen of urine at the police station and it was above the legal limit, however I was confident that it should not have been…”

Steve Simpson

Driving Without Motor Insurance

“They are a strong team … they definitely know what they are talking about and we would not hesitate in recommending them should you find yourself in a similar predicament. We contacted Caddick Davies in relation to an alleged motoring offence for my son who was stopped whilst driving his vehicle without car insurance. I…”

Mrs Morris

Failing to Supply Drivers Information

“Neil found a clause in the prosecutors statement and it got thrown out of court … I am a soap actress and I contacted Neil Davies after receiving a letter through the post stating that I was to attend court due to failing to supply drivers information to a speeding fine a year earlier. However…”

Saira Choudhry

Failing to Provide Driver Information

“To cut a long story short I was represented by Neil Davies and we won … I was prosecuted for failing to provide information and thought this unfair as I had posted my response. I also didn’t want 6 points as I rely on my licence for work. I contacted Caddick Davies Solicitors via their…”

Steven Lane

Driving Whilst Disqualified

“Neil Davies represented me in court, it was confidence-inspiring to see him deal with the case, an excellent strategist … I was facing my third driving whilst disqualified, heading for a possible fourth ban in 10 years, I needed a top man to represent me to put the best case possible, facing severe penalties as…”

Bill Hillerby

“An excellent service and an excellent result for me in the end. Thank you”

Mrs Mills


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