Medical revocation of driving licence due to dementia

Caddick Davies Solicitors is a team of highly qualified motoring experts who offer legal assistance to citizens across the UK facing motoring issues. We have assisted thousands of people whose licences have been revoked, including those with dementia. This has allowed us to gather expansive experience in issues related to dementia and medical revocation of driving licences. Since we focus solely on motoring law, we are able to offer our clients the best possible insight.

If you have lost your licence due to dementia, our solicitors are here to help. We care about our clients and understand that they, or their families, often depend on driving. This is why we enlist our expert motoring solicitors to these cases and help clients to challenge the DVLA’s decision of revoking your licence. We respect the work of the DVLA, but we understand that there are some motorists who have had their licences unfairly revoked in relation to dementia.

If your dementia worsens, and you end up failing to identify roads and road signs, it may be that there is a growing concern and you end up having to surrender your licence. Under dementia and driving rules, remember that you are required to inform the DVLA of dementia, or any other medical condition that could affect your driving.

Failure to tell the DVLA about dementia, or any other medical condition that may affect your driving, can result in a fine. You can contact us here at Caddick Davies for legal advice and we’ll offer the required guidance. After a DVLA dementia Medical Panel find you unfit to drive, the Driving Agency will proceed to revoke your driving licence. Here is where our motoring solicitors at Caddick Davies may be able to help. We can assign a team of highly qualified and knowledgeable solicitors who will look at your case, analyse it and determine the best way forward. For cases which have no chance of winning, we inform you early on, avoiding a futile legal pursuit and unnecessary legal expenses.

You should be aware that having your driving licence revoked due to dementia is not necessarily the end of your driving. With our legal team at Caddick Davies, you can receive advice on the legal regulations around driving with dementia. Our solicitors work expertly to come up with ways to successfully challenge the DVLA’s decision, offering a strong relationship with the DVLA. For medical revocation of driving licence due to dementia, there are two main approaches:

We may make written representations to the DVLA to ask them to reinstate your licence. We ensure to attach relevant documents that show that your dementia does not mean you are unfit to drive. After this, the DVLA dementia Medical Panel will determine on the representations by our lawyers and proceed to inform you of any decision.

Our experts may also appeal to the Magistrates Court regarding your medical revocation of driving licence due to dementia. This is the necessary procedure to take if the if the DVLA maintains its stance and refuses to reinstate your licence. It is worth noting that the chances of success in an appeal are influenced by the level of legal service you are receiving. At Caddick Davies Solicitors, you get excellent legal services at highly competitive rates.

If you have your driving licence revoked due to dementia and need reliable legal assistance, contact us at Caddick Davies by phone on 0151 280 3346. You can also email us through our website or request a callback. We will respond swiftly and provide you with a free initial no-obligation consultation to discuss your case and explore ideal alternatives.

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