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85 Year Old Drink Driver Banned From The Roads

Picture: Brighton Argus/Solent News

A woman thought to be the UK’s oldest drink driver has been banned from the roads for a year.

Betty Teague, 85, of Shoreham, East Sussex, was pulled over by police officers who found her driving slowly along the A27 with no lights on April 3.

She failed a breath test which revealed she had 100 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood – above the legal limit of 80.

After pleading guilty to drink-driving at Brighton Magistrates Court she was fined £73, ordered to pay victim surcharge of £20, court costs of £85, as well as being banned from driving for a year.

“I have been driving for years,” she told The Daily Mail.

“I’ve been banned for a year. It is a shame. I love driving. I’ve never had to go to court before.”

Superintendent Jane Derrick said the case proved that there was no such thing as a ‘typical drink-driver’.

‘We are catching people of all ages, of both sexes and of a range of backgrounds and occupations who think it is okay to risk their lives and the lives of other road users by having a drink and then getting behind the wheel,” she said.

‘Teague could have easily caused an accident by the way she was driving but luckily we were able to stop her before that could happen and she is now banned from the roads for the next year.

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