Caddick Davies gain exclusive access to breathalyzer machine (WATCH VIDEOS HERE)

At Caddick Davies we never condone drinking alcohol when you are driving and promote safe and responsible driving at all times. But we are well aware that sometimes simple mistakes can account for an inaccurate breath/alcohol reading, which can have a devastating effect on your life, family and career.

In order to aid us in our defence of motorists, we have gained exclusive access to the Camic Datamaster, Intoximeter EC/ER, Lion Intoxilyser 6000 UK Ltd – the very machines that would be used in police stations up and down the country when taking a breath sample.

This allows us to investigate each and every case thoroughly and evaluate whether the specimen provided is accurate and the correct procedure was carried out to the letter of the law.

And as specialists in drink driving offences, our solicitors have a full technical understanding of the equipment that the police use to evaluate the proportion of alcohol in a person’s breath.

Having access to and an understanding of these machines means we are able to thoroughly analyse any drink driving case and identify any defence which may exist.

“Many firms profess to have expertise in the field of drink driving cases,” explains senior partner Neil Davies.

“However, the truth is that very few have true expertise and an in-depth understanding of the devices used by the police and the procedures which should be followed.

“Having access to the same breath testing devices that the police use and working with the leading experts in alcohol analysis, we have true expertise and if there is an arguable defence we will find it.

“Equally, if having analysed your case we do not find that there is a defence with good prospects of success we will honestly advise that the best course of action is to plead guilty and to minimise any sentence”.

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