Nationwide Euro 2016 drink drive campaign launched


Police officers will be showing drink and drug drivers the red card during this summer’s festival of football.

The 2016 European Championship tournament started on Friday June 10 and Police officers have been quick to urge people to think carefully before jumping into the driver’s seat under the influence.

The summer campaign is part of the National Police Chiefs’ Council’s countrywide push.

NPCC Chief Constable Suzette Davenport said: “Euro 2016 is an exciting time but fans must plan ahead to reduce the temptation to drive when over the limit.

“The Government have estimated that there are over 200 fatalities every year caused directly by drink and drug drivers.

“There are many more casualties who suffer serious, life changing injuries that in many cases require lifelong care.

“Drivers are not only risking their own life, but the lives of their passengers as well as other innocent motorist or pedestrians.”


As well as testing for levels of alcohol officers will be armed with new drug screeners which helped them to detect more drug drivers in December 2015 than in the whole of 2014.

Very small amounts of drugs can now be detected leading to arrest.

New legislation also means drink drivers with a breath specimen of less than 51mg per 100ml are no longer entitled to request a blood or urine sample.

Chief Constable Davenport said: “It’s a simple decision for drivers, have fun and enjoy the summer but don’t drive if you’ve had a drink.

“Officers will be carrying out thousands of tests at all times during the day and night to ensure that people who take the risk will be tested.

“If you’re celebrating or commiserating during Euro 2016, don’t drive while under the influence.”

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