Some of the weirdest excuses drivers give to avoid a motoring offence

Ever heard the one about the man who was stopped going the wrong way up a one-way street?

Yes, the old ones are the best.

But it seems that when it comes to getting out of a speeding ticket or motoring conviction, some motorists will stop at nothing (even red lights!) with the excuses they gave.

Cambridgeshire police recently revealed some of the most bizarre excuses drivers have given in an attempt to escape a motoring conviction and here are just a few.

Though be warned, these didn’t work and although there can sometimes be mitigating circumstances, there is never an excuse for breaking the law.

So don’t be getting any ideas!

The seatbelt was the wrong colour

Taking pride in your personal appearance is one thing, but at the cost of a fine and points on your licence? Unbelievably one young driver stopped for not wearing a seatbelt told police the colour did not match clothes he was wearing.

The wind was behind me

When stopped travelling at over 90mph a motorcyclist explained to officers that he thought it would be safer to go fast because of the extremely windy conditions that day.

Blame my messy kids

One driver even had the cheek to blame her children for breaking the speed limit, claiming she was concentrating on her kids not spilling their food in the car rather than what speed she was doing.

It’s legal in my village

You’ve heard of variable speed limits, but this is taking it a little too far as one man caught doing 37mph in a 30mph zone said his speed was “slow enough” for the village he lived in.

I didn’t want to miss the boat

A motorist caught travelling in excess of 150mph said that the reason we was travelling at over twice the speed limit was because he had a ferry to catch.

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