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Caddick Davies is a leading option in the field of specialist motoring offence solicitors. We have experienced solicitors who defend motorists in Oxford across a range of motoring offences including speeding, drink driving, careless driving and dangerous driving. We only deal with motoring offences, allowing us to develop a deep understanding of this area of the law. The expertise that our solicitors utilise in our legal representation gives you a good chance of a successful outcome in the cases we take on.


We boast an impressive legal record, with our solicitors having successfully defended thousands of motorists. There are testimonials across our website from clients whom we have successfully defended in court. Our record has our firm known as ‘the “go to” legal option for any motorist facing a charge. Our legal team are regularly called upon by major media houses like the BBC, ITV and The Times to comment on complex cases.

Here at Caddick Davies, we ensure that you get a fair representation in court, using a combination of legal expertise and a highly professional approach to engage courts in Oxford and around the country. Another measure of our standing is that our Senior Partner, Neil Davies, has a regular legal advice in Auto Express Magazine, as we are known for valuing motorists and representing their legal rights.


Here at Caddick Davies, we can present to the courts on circumstances of your case. A driver’s licence is very important in modern day life and losing it could have detrimental effects on your livelihood. If a disqualification is possible, or even if it has been put into effect already, we may be able to explore whether there are any alternative penalties which can be imposed.

It is advisable to seek legal support at the earliest possible stage when dealing with a motoring offence. Many people don’t know how to deal with the legal process in these situations. Our legal team have a lengthy history of dealing professionally and successfully with courts in Oxford and beyond. In some cases, we can arrange with the courts to allow our client to attend a driver training course instead of a more serious penalty.

Our prices are competitive and we operate a ‘Fixed Fee’ system, allowing you to know exactly where you stand in terms of cost. There are no hidden charges that pop up at the conclusion of your case and you can rest assured that you will get our full diligence and expertise for the duration of your case. We can offer an initial consultation by phone to assess the key details of your case and for any client we take on, we are confident of a measure of success.


For more information about a range of motoring legal issues, you can look across the extensive range of information on our site. Contact us at Caddick Davies if you are facing charges in or around Oxford and we will be glad to discuss your case with you. Get in touch by phone on 0151 280 3346 or email via our website and we’ll be able to advise you on the best course of action going forward.

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