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Caddick Davies is an elite option for motorists who end up facing a charge with regards to a motoring law. As motoring offence lawyers who specialise in this area, our legal team offers well-trained solicitors with the capacity to interpret the complexities of the law and come up with a logical and reliable defence in a variety of cases. We represent clients in Preston and around the country, offering legal advice and support on charges including drink driving, dangerous driving, speeding and driving without due care and attention.


For anyone currently charged over a motoring offence, it is recommended to make a point of reaching out to an expert motor defence lawyer who can offer legal advice. We can offer this service to potential clients in Preston, providing a free telephone consultation where we discuss the key details of your case and ascertain whether or not pursuing a defence in court is the best course of action going forward.

Our highly qualified solicitors handle a variety of traffic offences and have built an impeccable track record of legal expertise and professionalism that has seen us secure successful outcomes for many clients nationwide. We are able to offer access to our qualified, organised and diligent team of solicitors, all of which comes at very competitive rates for our industry, ensuring you quality at a fair price.


Moreover, our services at Caddick Davies are transparent from the first moment. As soon as the facts about your case reach us, we will weigh the options and give the client an honest appraisal of their best course of action going forward. Caddick Davies offer our services on a ‘Fixed Fee’ model for any cases we take on. While fees may vary depending on the gravity of offences and timeframe involved, all costs are clearly stated.

To further showcase the standing of Caddick Davies and our reputation within the industry, we provide comment on media stories about legal matters on a regular basis, for platforms including ITV, the BBC and The Times. Also, we provide a regular legal advice column in Auto Express Magazine by virtue of our Senior Partner, Neil Davies. We are a highly respected voice within this legal field.

Whatever charge we represent on, whether speeding, drink driving, dangerous driving or driving without due care and attention, the cases we agree to take on for a client offer them a strong chance of a successful defence. We are able to provide a legitimate defence, as well as bring circumstances the court needs to hear. This may include cases where we apply for exceptional hardship to avoid the disqualification of a licence in a case where a motorist needs their licence for their livelihood.


Our levels of transparency and professionalism offer clients in Preston an ideal legal option when they’re facing a motoring charge. Caddick Davies is committed to offering an expert solution in this field and providing a strong defence in every case we take on. For more information on our legal services, you can browse our website, or get in touch by phone on 0151 280 3346 or email via our website to speak to one of our legal team.

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