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Recognised as the “go to” firm for motorists, our driving solicitors are regularly asked to comment in the media, including the BBC, ITV and The Times. Our Senior Partner, Neil Davies, has a regular advice column in Auto Express Magazine.

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Experts in Speeding, Drink Driving & Motoring Offences

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We provide advice and representation on a range of motoring offences including speeding, drink driving, the avoidance of disqualification on penalty points or “totting up” (exceptional hardship), driving without due care and attention (careless driving) and dangerous driving.


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Founder & Senior Partner

Neil Davies Motoring Solicitor

Neil Davies

Senior Partner and Founder of Caddick Davies Solicitors

How we've helped others through driving and motoring offences

As specialist motoring solicitors, we have an established reputation for successfully defending motoring prosecutions and for persuading motoring courts not to endorse penalty points or impose disqualification upon our clients.

  • Successfully defending motoring prosecutions
  • Minimising penalty points
  • Avoid disqualification from driving

At Caddick Davies Solicitors we only represent motorists who are either charged or investigated for motoring offences. This means that we have represented thousands of motorists in courts across England and Wales, giving us unrivalled expertise and experience in the representation of motorists and allowing us to secure the best possible results on behalf of our clients.

We are recognised for our expertise, being referred work by other solicitors (and barristers) and regularly being asked to comment within the media, including the BBC, ITV, Sky and the Times, and Senior Partner, Neil Davies, having a regular advice column in Auto Express Magazine.

What this means for our clients is that we are able to provide the best possible advice and representation in their case and to secure the best possible outcome.

Often the best outcome will involve either successfully defending a motoring charge brought against our client or mitigating any penalty imposed, including avoiding the endorsement of penalty points or disqualification from driving.

No matter where you are in England and Wales we are able to provide representation from one of our specialist motoring barristers or solicitors.

We regularly represent motorists in Magistrates’ and Crown Courts throughout England and Wales, ranging from small local courts to major road traffic courts.

In all cases we will agree a fixed fee (a fee that doesn’t change) for the work required in your case, with no hidden costs or nasty surprises.

Many people are surprised to discover that instructing a specialist motoring solicitor to represent you does not have to cost the earth, with our fees beginning from £300 plus VAT.

The law is a complex thing and as such solicitors (commonly referred to as lawyers) will usually have a specialism.

As an established firm of specialist driving solicitors we wholly specialise in motoring offences and are able to use our significant expertise and experience to provide the best possible level of representation and to secure the best possible outcome for our clients.

When you instruct Caddick Davies Solicitors you can have the confidence that you are instructing a firm of specialist motoring solicitors regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

We are an established and recognised firm of motoring solicitors with a reputation for putting our clients first and achieving results.

Our reputation is cemented in the fact that we are regularly asked to comment in the media and have been quoted by leading media sources including the BBC, ITV, Sky News, The Times, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, Auto Express and many more.

The simplest answer we can give is to ask you to consider our testimonials and to say that we are very good at what we do.

We do not believe in quoting success rates by way of percentage, as we believe this to be both unethical and misleading as each and every case must be considered on its individual merits.

When you contact us we will give you an honest appraisal of your case and the likelihood of success, based upon our vast experience of dealing with similar cases.

It is our assurance to you that we will not accept your case unless we believe that there are genuine prospects of securing a positive outcome.

What Our Clients Say

We truly value and appreciate the feedback we receive from our clients, as we look to improve the services we offer on an ongoing basis.

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Why Caddick Davies?

There are a number of factors which make Caddick Davies the ideal option for anyone facing a motoring charge in England or Wales:


Over 5,000 cases covered

Our extensive experience allows us to choose the most effective legal approach to each case

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Trust Pilot Reviews

150+ 9.5 reviews on Trustpilot

We are proud to have a wealth of clients who have appreciated our services and who would recommend us to any friends or family who find themselves facing a motoring charge.

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UK's Leading Motoring lawyers

UK’s Leading Motoring Solicitors

We have a highly-effective track record in defending motoring charges, leading to no penalties, or considerably reduced penalties, being imposed on our clients.

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