Driving after brain surgery

Undergoing brain surgery of any level is a major life event, with a varying range of impacts. There are many considerations for those who have been through brain surgery, with one major question being whether you can return to driving. It is worth knowing that driving after brain surgery in the UK is not entirely impossible.

You may still be allowed to hold your licence and drive, but you are required to follow the instructions and procedure given by the DVLA in order to drive after brain surgery. The process involved is that the DVLA uses a variety of guidelines to determine whether you qualify to drive or not.

With this in mind, it can make a lot of sense to find yourself a trusted motoring solicitor to advise you on your application. Caddick Davies is an established legal firm, specialising solely on motoring law, something that allows us to gain vast experience and expertise to deliver results. You can involve us if you need legal assistance to continue driving after brain surgery. If you are wondering “can I drive after brain surgery?” contact us today, and we’ll be able to explore this for you.


Do I have to let the DVLA know I’ve had brain surgery?

Many of the conditions that usually lead to brain surgery demand that you inform the DVLA of them. Your GP is also often ready to update the DVLA of your health. You must tell the DVLA if you have a brain tumour and if it was followed up by surgery. The DVLA also requires you to inform it if you had surgery done to remove a clot from around your brain.

Remember your medical professional has the responsibility to ensure you’re fit to drive. Since brain tumours and brain surgery can affect driving – as a complex activity that requires various cognitive skills – it is therefore important that you let the DVLA know of your brain surgery as part of determining whether you are fit to drive.

Please note that as per driving after brain surgery DVLA regulations, you can be fined up to £1,000 for not informing the DVLA of a medical condition impacting your driving. If you got involved in an accident in your condition, you may even end up being prosecuted. For many surgeries, including brain surgeries, you have to inform the DVLA if driving after brain surgery three months after your operation is still not possible.


Can your licence be revoked because of brain surgery?

The DVLA lists conditions that could have your licence revoked on medical grounds. Some of the conditions that require you to undergo a brain surgery are on this list. So, it is often far more beneficial to your case to voluntarily surrender your licence when approaching a brain surgery, rather than waiting to get your driving licence revoked. As you recover from your brain surgery, driving after brain surgery is often a possibility with the advice of the right legal professionals and all of the correct legal and medical guidelines being followed.


Can you re-apply for a revoked licence after a certain time period?

If you have asked your GP, “can I drive after brain surgery?” and they seem positive, you may be wondering how to go about getting your licence back through re-applying for it. We have good news, the DVLA – under the driving after brain surgery DVLA regulations – often allow you to re-apply for a revoked licence after a period of recovery.

The specific timeline for each surgery can vary, but generally, your doctor is required to prove that you are fit to drive after brain surgery. To resume driving after brain surgery, your doctor should send documents stating that you can handle driving.

At Caddick Davies, our highly skilled and experienced motoring solicitors can provide legal services throughout the process. Call us today on 0151 280 3346, email us or live chat with us, and we’ll offer the required legal assistance.

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