Behind the Headlines: Driver caught travelling at 156mph on dual carriageway receives 6 month ban


Caddick Davies Solicitors recently represented a motorist caught driving at a speed of 156 mph on a stretch of dual carriageway.

But much of the reporting centred on the fact that the driver was a professional footballer, which always makes for a good story.

Cambridge United striker Jordan Slew, 22, who appeared twice for the England under-19 team, clocked what is believed to be the fastest time recorded in Britain in three years.

The Sheffield-born footballer only slowed down to 130mph when another vehicle got in the way of his £57,050 M4 sports coupe on the A1 motorway near Sawtry in Cambridgeshire.

He pleaded guilty to speeding at Cambridge Magistrates’ Court and was banned for six months and fined £1,400.

However, much of the coverage of this case focused on how a driver doing such speeds could receive such a lenient sentence of just 6 months, especially when it could have been double that.

So how did the court reach their verdict?

Here’s what Senior Partner Neil Davies had to say about this particular case.

Behind the HeadlinesWhilst driving at such speeds can be considered dangerous and will ordinarily result in a charge of “Dangerous Driving” and a minimum 12 month disqualification.

We entered a guilty plea to the lesser charge of speeding and the driver received a fine and a disqualification from driving of 6 months.

Although, in this case, the driver was disqualified, given the nature of the offence, this was clearly an exceptional outcome.

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