Motorists Urged to Show Alcohol the Red Card During World Cup

Motorists are being reminded of the dangers of drink driving in the build up to the World Cup, and with just days to go road safety campaigners are urging drivers to leave their car keys behind when going out drinking while the football is on.

Police forces and safety groups in several regions of the country have been keen to emphasise the dangers of driving while under the influence of alcohol and particularly the next day after being out the night before.

With many of the matches kicking off at 8pm or 11pm, pubs are being allowed to open late for some games.

But  as more people plan to go out to enjoy the games with a drink, alcohol and drug recovery charity Swanswell has warned that drivers could still be over the drink-drive limit on the school run or journey to work the next day.

Chief executive Debbie Bannigan said: “For many, the World Cup is a time for celebration but for some, it can also be a time for commiseration – particularly if your team loses out in extra time or penalties.

“But, just imagine if you’re the one losing out because you had another drink in extra time, you get in your car the next morning to go to work or to take your children to school, and you’re pulled over by the police.

“Before you know it, you’re asked to provide a breath test and are arrested because the alcohol from last night is still in your system – you are over the drink-drive limit.

“You could be the one facing penalties – if convicted, you’ll receive a large fine, get a driving ban and can even be given a prison sentence.”

An estimated 280 people were killed in drink-drive accidents in 2012, accounting for around one in five deaths on Britain’s roads and of those 18% happened between 4am and midday.

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