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Caddick Davies is known as the main option for offering legal assistance to motorists charged with speeding, drink driving and other offences, both in Colchester and around England and Wales. We have a lot of involvement in giving helpful guidance and expert representation on an assortment of motoring cases, such as the avoidance of disqualification on penalty points, driving without due care and attention, and dangerous driving.


We right now work on a ‘Fixed Fee’ premise and pride ourselves on giving a great legal service which is suited to motoring clients across the country. This is just one factor that has prompted us being regarded as the “go to” firm for drivers requiring legitimate legal representation in Colchester and around the nation. As motoring law specialists, we are known for our reliable record of effective guidance to clients facing a motoring charge.

With us, you have an improved chance of representing your case in a manner that shows the courts a highly diligent and professional legal approach. The level of our pedigree has also seen us become a respected voice in various national media. The BBC, ITV and The Times are amongst the outlets to ask us for comment, while our Senior Partner, Neil Davies, has a regular legal advice segment in Auto Express Magazine.


Here at Caddick Davies solicitors, we focus our attention on drivers who are either charged or awaiting charge for a motoring offence. We have provided our services to a large number of clients in courts over England and Wales, including numerous clients in Colchester. This has given us a wealth of experience and skill, enabling us to offer the best possible chance at an ideal result for those we represent.

To put it plainly, what this offers our customers in Colchester is that with us you have expert legal support for your situation. This gives you a chance of either effectively defending a motoring charge brought against you, or mitigating any punishment. This can include a reduction in penalty points imposed, as well as defending against or reducing the term of an exclusion from driving.

Should you or somebody you know end up confronting a charge over a motoring offence, please don’t hesitate to call us. We give legal representation to clients all throughout Colchester and will be fully prepared to talk over the key elements of your case with you to guarantee that you are properly educated on the best way to approach the case and settle on your legal representation going forward.


Caddick Davies can offer you a free conference via telephone, enabling you to inform us on your case so that we can give a genuine evaluation of any assistance we can offer as motoring offence solicitors. We won’t spend our time trying to sell you a service, we’ll simply share some of our knowledge on this detailed area of the law and let you decide on your next step. Connect with us today by phone on 0151 280 3346 or email via our website to let Caddick Davies help you.

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