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Caddick Davies is an expert speeding solicitor, offering legal services to motorists in Nottingham who are facing a speeding charge. Many motorists depend on driving as a key part of their livelihood, so here at Caddick Davies we provide highly-qualified and accredited speeding solicitors who can analyse your motoring charge and offer helpful legal insight, advice and, in many cases, representation.

If we take on your case, our experienced speeding solicitors can represent you from initial consultation through every step of your speeding charge. Caddick Davies provides every client with an initial telephone consultation completely free of charge and without obligation. This initial discussion provides the client with a chance to discuss the key details of their case with one of our expert legal team.

UK's Leading Motoring lawyers
UK's Leading Motoring Solicitors
Over 10,000 cases covered
150+ 9.5 reviews

This initial discussion will also help one of our speeding solicitors to assess your case and give an honest appraisal on the likely outcome of your speeding charge. Your chances of achieving a favourable legal outcome and mitigating the penalties of a speeding charge depend in large part on the quality of your legal representation. If Caddick Davies takes on the representation of your case, an assigned speeding solicitor will advise you on exactly how to handle your motoring charge at each stage of the process.

As one of the top speeding solicitors in Nottingham, we’re always here for our clients, with all calls and queries addressed by our team as quickly as possible. In the courtroom, your lawyer will defend you in a highly professional and diligent manner. You’ll be invited to provide our legal team with all the required details during the initial consultation, with all the details a client provides only being used for the purpose of representing your claim.

With the prospect of getting 9 points I turned to Caddick Davies for help they advised me on the best course of action…

Our motoring offence lawyers have successfully represented a range of clients against various forms of motoring offences, including speeding charges. As a respected and reputed law firm for motorists in Nottingham, Caddick Davies believes that excellent legal representation should not have to come at an excessive price. All of our legal services are competitive and offered on a ‘Fixed Fee’ model that lets you know exactly where you stand.

These payment terms can be discussed in your initial consultation, where we’ll provide you of a clear run-down of what our legal representation would cost. As the “go to” legal service for motorists in Nottingham and around the country, Caddick Davies ensures that each client is expertly represented whenever they take on our legal services. You can be sure that you’re getting a trusted legal service that offers excellent value for money, especially when you consider the increased car insurance rates that can come with an accumulation of penalty points.

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As respected speeding solicitors in Nottingham, Caddick Davies assures expert legal care to every case that we take on, all at a competitive rate and with clear lines of communication throughout. We’re happy to speak to you by phone on 0151 280 3346 or email via our website today to discuss how we may be able to assist you with legal advice and representation for your case.

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We truly value and appreciate the feedback we receive from our clients, as we look to improve the services we offer on an ongoing basis.

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Why Caddick Davies?

There are a number of factors which make Caddick Davies the ideal option for anyone facing a motoring charge in England or Wales:


Over 5,000 cases covered

Our extensive experience allows us to choose the most effective legal approach to each case

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Trust Pilot Reviews

150+ 9.5 reviews on Trustpilot

We are proud to have a wealth of clients who have appreciated our services and who would recommend us to any friends or family who find themselves facing a motoring charge.

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UK's Leading Motoring lawyers

UK’s Leading Motoring Solicitors

We have a highly-effective track record in defending motoring charges, leading to no penalties, or considerably reduced penalties, being imposed on our clients.

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We have been successfully representing clients in motoring courts nationwide

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