Consequences of Drink Driving

Drink driving is one of the driving offences in the UK that comes with a range of serious consequences. This is an offence that attracts a number of penalties, as well as other negative effects on the driver, and in some cases other lives. While at Caddick Davies Solicitors we offer the best legal assistance possible to anyone caught drunk driving, we do not encourage it and are involved with raising awareness on drink driving consequences.

Considering drink driving is a criminal offence, there is a high likelihood that if you are convicted, you will be seriously punished. As a team of well-established and experienced drink driving lawyers, we make a lot of effort to inform drivers across England and Wales of the penalties of drink driving, which are a major part of drunk driving consequences.

What are the standard penalties for drink driving?

It is important to understand that you could receive imprisonment of between 3 months and 14 years, be fined £2,500 - or in some cases an unlimited fine is in place - and/or be banned from driving for 1 to 3 years. The penalties are determined by the aggravating features of a case. You can involve specialists to provide a legal defence, but you'll need to get the ideal experts. You can contact Caddick Davies and inform us on your case.

We'll assign a highly qualified and knowledgeable solicitor who will explore the mitigating circumstances and provide the great defence to get you the best outcome possible. Our team of motoring solicitors can help you significantly minimise drink driving consequences. Let us know that you need legal assistance, and we'll provide a free initial consultation to look at your case and offer an honest evaluation.

What are the other consequences of drink driving?

Other drink driving consequences include affecting your car insurance, whose cost will likely increase significantly. For those who work as professional drivers, there will be a conviction that will be visible to any employer on your licence. Should you be interested in travelling to some countries like the USA, you may experience certain trouble in being admitted.

You could lose your job if you work as a professional driver and/ or experience challenges getting to work. This may result from being banned from driving, or injuries sustained in an accident one may cause. You should understand that driving while drunk can lead to very serious accidents. Other drunk driving consequences that may result from related accidents include injuries and deaths to the driver and other road users.

How do I find expert help with my case?

If you get caught drink driving and believe you may have mitigating factors that could minimise the drink driving consequences, you can contact us here at Caddick Davies. Our team of specialist motoring solicitors will assess your case and may be able to come up with ways to help you.

Call us today via phone on 03334 432 366 and talk to our personable and expert legal staff who will be able to discuss some of the key details of your case. You can also reach us by email, or request a callback through our website, and we'll get in touch with you at a time you prefer.

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