How to Get Your Licence Back After Drink Driving Ban?

Getting your licence back after a drink driving ban is a concern for most, if not all, drivers convicted and disqualified from driving for a drink driving offence. Many people want to get their driving licence back and go back to their daily business activities.

At Caddick Davies, we understand how important the driving licence is to you. We guide our clients through questions such as “how long is a drink driving ban?” as well as exploring any mitigating factors and advising on how to get their licence back once the ban is complete.

For this reason, we can offer legal advice to any motorist in England or Wales who is looking to get their driving licence back. We know many motorists will want to go back to driving to work, or their work may even involve driving. We can help advise you on regaining your licence as a way to resume your way of earning a living.

If you get disqualified from driving and you want your drink driving licence back, there are procedures and requirements stipulated by the government in their public sector website. You can reapply for your driving licence prior to the end of your disqualification period.

How do you reapply for your driving licence after a ban?

What happens during the drink driving ban licence back procedure is that the DVLA will send you a D27 renewal form for you to fill. For less serious offences, you get the form 56 days before your disqualification ends.

If you are considered a high-risk offender, the Driving Agency will send the renewal form 90 days before the end of your disqualification period. Please talk to our motoring law experts at Caddick Davies if you want to understand between a high-risk offender and a non-high-risk offender.

Ensure that you receive the renewal form in the post during the mentioned time period, and if you don't, you should get one from the Post Office or order an application form. Take into consideration your type of driving licence as you apply for a renewal.

If you are a Group 1 licence holder (cars and motorcycle drivers), you should use form D1 and form D2 if you are a lorry or bus driver (Group 2 licence holders). You are not allowed to drive until your disqualification period is over when you get your drink driving ban completed and your licence back.

How much does it cost to get your driving licence back?

A fee is also needed when reapplying to get back your driving licence. If you are required to take a medical exam with a DVLA doctor, you'll be charged £90. This is for high-risk offenders. For those who do not need to pass a medical exam (the non-risk offenders), you are supposed to pay £65. Please note that for a driving licence that was disqualified due to drink driving, you can only reapply through the post and not online.

There are points to remember and consider as you send the form to the DVLA. If you have moved during the disqualification period, ensure you inform the DVLA of your new address so that they can know where to send the form. For those whose names have changed, you should send original documentation that confirms your new name alongside the D1 form.

How do I find the right help with reapplying for my driving licence?

If you have any question on the process of getting a licence back after a drink driving ban, contact our knowledgeable motoring solicitors at Caddick Davies. We can guide you on how to get back your licence after a drink driving ban, while if you are wondering, "how long is my drink driving ban?" as you have lost track, you can get further information on the disqualification period by talking to our specialists.

Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone on 03334 432 366. You can also use our site to email us or request a callback. We'll offer the required legal assistance on how to get your licence back after drink driving ban.

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