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As our legal teams at Caddick Davies Solicitors specialise exclusively in motoring law, we can offer specialist legal advice for drink driving offences. Our drink driving solicitors are available in and around the city of Leeds and across the UK. We have experience gained from assisting clients facing drink driving charges over the years. Our specialisation in this field of law enables us to handle even complex cases.

A drink driving offences put you at the risk of being convicted and penalised. You could be hit with an unlimited fine, get imprisoned for up to 6 months or even worse get banned from driving. We all know the importance of a driving licence, especially if you want to commute conveniently to work and handle a range of daily family tasks. It is therefore very important to find legal assistance as soon as possible when you get caught drink driving and have mitigating circumstances.

This can go ahead in securing you the best outcome possible should there be defence or mitigating circumstances for your case. We have experts who possess the expertise and experience to evaluate any drink driving case and offer reliable legal advice. Contact us today for a free initial consultation and we will have one of our experts evaluate your case and provide you with an honest appraisal of your current legal situation. This is where you learn if Caddick Davies professionals can represent you.

In addition to being convicted for driving under the influence of illegal drugs, there can also be charges for driving under the influence of some of the prescribed legal medicines. It is wise to be aware of this and consult your doctor if you are under prescription. Caddick Davies does not endorse drink driving, instead, we advise you to avoid driving under alcohol influence. As a motorist, you should never take chances, especially when you are unsure if you have exceeded the legal drink limit.

For more details please visit our website. We have listed a range of drink driving offences as well as the laws surrounding them. These are great in helping you understand your case. There are also testimonials from motorists who have used our services across the UK. You could also get legal services from experts at Caddick Davies. Come and get advised and represented by a team with a reputable track record of specialist legal care. We have had a range of major media sources such as BBC, The Times and ITV recognise and mention Caddick Davies legal comment as they cover motoring news.

You can find an ideal fit with any of the experts from our team of drink driving solicitors if you are a motorist looking for legal options in regards to a drink-driving charge. Reach us today and from the initial free no-obligation consultation advice we offer, through to the settlement of your case, we will provide the highest level of legal services at very competitive prices.

Should you or a loved one is under investigation or prosecution for drink driving, please contact our team of Caddick Davies professionals in Leeds on 03334 432366 or email us through our website. You can also request a callback and we’ll get back at you and offer our quality legal services.

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