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Caddick Davies offers a leading choice for any motorist looking for a specialist drink driving solicitor in Northallerton and around Merseyside. We can offer expert advice and representation to motorists in the Liverpool region who have been charged with drink driving offences. Since drink driving is such a complex area of the law, it’s essential to consult with a specialist if you’re facing an offence. Our expert lawyers will take on cases where we believe there are mitigating circumstances that offer a chance of a favourable outcome for our clients.

Most of the common drink driving offences will result in a disqualification from driving. Motorists threatened with the prospect of losing their license run the risk of damaging their career prospects and impacting their dependent family members. Here at Caddick Davies, we understand the legal process can be confusing, so we can discuss these issues with you at the onset of your case and provide you with advice that’s both practical and honest.


The expert drink driving solicitors at Caddick Davies have gained a reputation for their level of professionalism and legal diligence in courts around the UK. Our solicitors have gained vast experience working with motorists facing offences in England and Wales, including many clients in London. Because of our strong track record, we have gained a name as a “go-to” firm for motorists in the Northallerton area.

Caddick Davies has often worked with some of the major media outlets to provide comment on complex cases with the BBC, ITV and the Times. Anyone who enquires about our services will find that we provide transparency in regard to our fees and pricing structure. In most cases, our fees will come on a ‘Fixed Fee’ basis. This means that you can await your verdict with the assurance that there won’t be hidden costs or unexpected charges.

If you’re facing a drink driving offence, then it’s vital that you seek the assistance of a legal professional as soon as you can. We also offer a free telephone consultation to anyone who wishes to enquire about our services, or if you’re local to the Northallerton area then we’ll be happy to meet with you in person. During this time, we’ll get to grips with the details of your drink driving case and one of our drink driving solicitors will then discuss the most effective course of action with you and lay out a strategy on how to best approach the case.


We can share our comprehensive legal knowledge on the issues affecting the client and then to let them make a decision. It goes without saying that drink driving is a serious offence which our solicitors here at Caddick Davies never condone. We advise all motorists to avoid driving after consuming alcohol, especially in cases where you’re uncertain about the legal limit being exceeded. You should always drive responsibly and never take chances.

The solicitors here at Caddick Davies are not just limited to drink driving offences. We represent clients across a range of motoring offences, but since we only deal with motoring offences and no other area of the law, our drink driving solicitors have developed a deeply specialist understanding of this area of the law. We seek to offer our legal expertise at an affordable rate in our clients’ local area.


If someone you know is charged with a drink driving offence in Northallerton or any other area of Liverpool, you can get in touch with Caddick Davies on 03334 432 366. You can also fill out the enquiry form on our website and we will be in touch to discuss your case with you. You can also request a callback for a more convenient time.

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