Medical Revocation of Driving Licence in Kidderminster

Anyone in the town of Kidderminster who is facing a possible medical revocation of their driving licence should consult with an expert in motoring law. Caddick Davies Solicitors have become a leading source of help and advice for clients in Kidderminster and across the rest of the country. We are a team of highly qualified and experienced solicitors who specialize exclusively in the field of motoring law.

We’ve built a successful track record after handling an extensive selection of medical revocation cases. Medical revocation cases can affect anyone who drives motor cars and motorcycles (Group 1) or licence holders of lorries and buses (Group 2).

The DVLA will have grounds to begin investigations with any of the following reasons:

  1. You have been convicted and sentenced due to drinking or drug-related offence.
  2. You as a licence holder or applicant inform the DVLA of a medical condition that could deem you unfit to drive such as diabetes or cardiovascular issues.
  3. If your doctor informs you of a condition that makes you unfit to drive and subsequently informs the DVLA of the diagnosis.
  4. If the police are concerned about your health and wellbeing after a particular accident caused by unfamiliarity of roads or road signs due to dementia.

Following these investigations, the medical advisors at the DVLA will proceed to have your driving licence revoked if they determine you to be unfit to drive. Our qualified experts here at Caddick Davies Solicitors will utilise their extensive legal and medical knowledge review the details of your case and explore the best outcomes. During a consultation, we’ll examine your case honestly and inform you of your chance of success. If we believe there to be a strong possibility of winning your appeal, then our solicitors will get to work ensuring that you receive thorough legal representation in court.

It is worth noting that Caddick Davies Solicitors are highly regarded in courts across the country. We keep our clients fully up-to-date at all stages of the legal process, whilst avoiding complex and unnecessary legal jargon. We care enough for our clients and that’s the reason why our solicitors will always inform you if your medical revocation case has no chance of success. We never burden you with legal fees after an empty pursuit. We understand the stress facing anyone who has lost their driving licence due to being sick.

This is why we have made our fee system very affordable as well as offering various payment plans to accommodate different clients. For information on our legal costs, you can look at our website to get an idea of our fee structures. If you’re about to have your driving licence revoked due to a diagnosis of epilepsy, a mental disorder, fainting or drug/alcohol misuse, then one of our skilled motoring solicitors will legally assist you with your medical revocation appeal.

Take a look at the testimonials on our site and you’ll see that we have successfully assisted hundreds of clients around the country. If you’re located in Kidderminster and you’re thinking, ‘I lost my licence due to being sick’ or ‘I’m about to lose my licence on medical grounds’, then contact us on 0151 280 3346 or email us through our website and we’ll assist you accordingly. Caddick Davies Solicitors are here to support you and your loved ones when experiencing revocation of a driving licence on medical grounds. Our honest and insightful legal assistance is available for anyone in and around Kidderminster.

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