M42/M6 Variable Speed Limit Cameras Under Investigation

The variable speed limit cameras which operate on the M42/M6 Toll and particularly where those motorways merge are notorious for capturing unsuspecting motorists who travel along the M6 Toll at 70mph in the belief that they are complying with the speed limit, only to fall foul of the variable speed limit in operation (40,50 or 60mph) and enforced by the overhead camera gantry’s. Junction 9-7 on the M42/M6 Toll being one such notorious location.

These speeding cases are commonly prosecuted before Leamington Spa Magistrates Court and commonly involve cases where the driver is significantly in excess of the speed limit e.g. travelling at 70mph in excess of a 40mph (variable) speed limit. In such cases the driver is  to receive 6 penalty points or worse, be disqualified from driving.l

We have today (Friday 9th October 2012), received information from the Crown Prosecution Service that all speeding prosecutions in the West Midlands and Warwickshire relating to these variable speed limit(M42/M6 Toll) cameras are  to be suspended pending further investigation. At present the reason for these “investigations” are unknown and may relate to signage or some more inherent defect in the prosecutions which are ongoing and may even case a shadow over earlier prosecutions for offences detected at these locations.

Caddick Davies Solicitors will continue to monitor  this situation and we will provide a further update on this post once any further information is obtained.

Neil Davies

Principal Solicitor

9th November 2012

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