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Here at Caddick Davies, we’re one of the leading motoring offence solicitors in the industry, providing legal advice and representation on motoring offences such as speeding, careless driving, using a mobile phone, drink driving and dangerous driving in Luton.

Make contact with Caddick Davies today by phone on 0151 280 3346 or email via our website and we’ll be able to discuss your case with you.

Affordable Fixed Fee Legal Support

We offer a ‘Fixed Fee’ model that allows us to offer top-quality legal support to motorists at an affordable rate. Caddick Davies has become the firm of choice for many motoring clients in search of legal support in Luton and nationwide because we are known as specialist motor defence lawyers with an extensive record of providing successful representation for motorists facing prosecution.

Our policy at Caddick Davies is to provide a free legal consultation by phone, which will allow us to cover the key details of your case and allow us to offer an honest opinion of the legal support we could provide. This isn’t simply a sales call, it’s a chance to provide you with some vital support in this complex area of the law that we specialise in.

UK's Leading Motoring lawyers
UK's Leading Motoring Solicitors
Over 10,000 cases covered
150+ 9.5 reviews

Avoiding Penalty Points and Disqualification

Our expertise means that we offer a strong chance of ensuring the courts do not impose disqualification of your licence or endorse penalty points for careless driving. Our legal opinions are respected to the point that our Senior Partner, Neil Davies, provides regular legal advice in Auto Express Magazine, while our team is often consulted by major media outlets such as the BBC, ITV and The Times on a range of issues. 

I would like to thank Neil and his team for providing a very thorough and professional service.

Defending Driving Licence Endorsements and Disqualifications

Our team has extensive experience defending clients facing driving licence endorsements and disqualifications. We understand the impact these penalties can have, and work diligently to help clients avoid points on their licence or losing their right to drive.

Expert Legal Support For Driving Offences In Luton

Caddick Davies is ideally placed to support and represent any motoring clients currently being charged or investigated over an alleged motoring offence in Luton. We have represented many thousands of motorists in courts not just in Luton, but all around the country.

Our legal experience and expertise in driving offences means we’re equipped to provide the best possible legal outcomes for our clients.

Defending Driving Charges in Luton Courts

Defending Driving Charges in Luton Courts

For any motorist under investigation or who has an upcoming prosecution in Luton due to a motoring offence such as speeding, drink driving or dangerous driving, get in touch with us today. 

We can defend you in court and will use our experience of technical defence, special reasons and mitigating circumstances to give the best possible outcome. We have helped clients with the avoidance of penalty points being endorsed, and in some cases avoiding a full driving ban or disqualification.

We’re ready and waiting to provide our legal support to motoring clients across Luton and will be happy to discuss your case with you at your convenience.

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Why Choose Us for Your Motoring Offence Defence

Initial Free Telephone Consultation

We offer potential clients an initial no-obligation consultation over the phone regardless of where your offence occurred in the UK.

Expert Motoring Lawyers

Our legal team of solicitors, paralegals, legal advisors and barristers specialise in driving offence law.

Clear Fixed Fee Pricing

At Caddick Davies, we are upfront about our legal costs, providing fixed-fee services so clients understand exactly what they will pay.

Comprehensive Phone Meetings

If visiting our office isn’t possible, we offer comprehensive phone consultations covering every detail just like an in-person meeting. In-person meetings are also available upon request.

First-Rate Legal Service

We provide expert advice and representation at trials and interviews, leaving no stone unturned so you have the best chance of the most favourable outcome.

Avoiding A Driving Ban In Luton 

If you’ve been charged with a motoring offence in Luton, contact our specialist solicitors to see if you require legal representation. In some cases, you may not need a lawyer and we’ll advise accordingly.

If you have a strong defence, we’ll recommend pleading not guilty, preparing your case for trial, and providing the strongest possible defence.

In other situations, you may need a solicitor for your sentencing hearing to argue for the lowest penalty. Our experienced lawyers frequently represent clients at Luton and South Bedfordshire Magistrates’ Court. We make compelling mitigation arguments, taking personal circumstances into account, which can help avoid a driving ban.

If you already have 6-9 points and are facing more, we can make a Special Reasons or Exceptional Hardship argument to help prevent disqualification. With decades of experience avoiding bans for Luton drivers, Caddick Davies is your ideal choice.

Accessing Caddick Davies’ Legal Services from Luton

Accessing Caddick Davies' Legal Services from Luton

If you wish to appoint Caddick Davies but don’t want to travel to our offices, we can offer comprehensive case consultations over the phone or video conference. Should you prefer an in-person meeting after retaining us, our nearest office to Luton is in London:

London Office 107- 111 Fleet St, London, EC4A 2AB

By Public Transport: From Luton station, take a direct 40 minute train to City Thameslink in London. Our Fleet Street office is a short walk away.

Luton & South Bedfordshire Magistrates’ Court

The nearest magistrates’ court handling driving crimes in the Luton area is Luton & South Bedfordshire Magistrates’ Court: Luton & South Bedfordshire Magistrates’ & Family Court Stuart Street Luton LU1 5BL

4 disabled parking spots in the front lot, public parking at Dunstable Place and Chapel Viaduct Car Park 1.

Luton Crown Court

More serious offences like death by dangerous driving are seen at Luton Crown Court:

Luton Crown Court
7 George Street Luton LU1 2AA

What Our Clients Say

We truly value and appreciate the feedback we receive from our clients, as we look to improve the services we offer on an ongoing basis.

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Why Caddick Davies?

There are a number of factors which make Caddick Davies the ideal option for anyone facing a motoring charge in England or Wales:


Over 5,000 cases covered

Our extensive experience allows us to choose the most effective legal approach to each case

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Trust Pilot Reviews

150+ 9.5 reviews on Trustpilot

We are proud to have a wealth of clients who have appreciated our services and who would recommend us to any friends or family who find themselves facing a motoring charge.

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UK's Leading Motoring lawyers

UK’s Leading Motoring Solicitors

We have a highly-effective track record in defending motoring charges, leading to no penalties, or considerably reduced penalties, being imposed on our clients.

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We have been successfully representing clients in motoring courts nationwide

Contact us for a free consultation, our expert solicitors will be able to discuss your case and advise on legal options.


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