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Caddick Davies are one of the leading speeding solicitors for motorists in Kidderminster. We specialise in motoring offences including speeding, which can carry a range penalties, so it’s so important to choose an experienced solicitor to assist you in defending your charge. Our highly qualified team of motoring lawyers have helped thousands of clients facing prosecution around the country to secure a favourable legal outcome.

We offer a free initial telephone consultation that allows us to get to know the details of your case and offer an honest assessment on your legal options and whether we can offer you legal representation. This is a no-obligation call that allows potential clients to understand where they stand and how their case would be handled. Our lawyers can work with clients to make the court process less stressful and negotiate on your behalf.


We believe that motorists are entitled to high-quality legal services at an affordable price. This is why we offer a competitive ‘Fixed Fee’ model and a level of legal care that matches any in the industry. We also focus solely on motoring law, allowing our experienced speeding solicitors to offer you specialised representation and provide the best possible chance of a successful legal outcome.

We’ll connect you with an experienced lawyer who is diligent in negotiating the best outcome on your behalf, and they’ll be right by your side at any court date. We have helped many clients to mitigate the penalties associated with speeding. Caddick Davies offers well-trained and accredited speeding solicitors to motorists in Kidderminster, legal professionals who can help you secure the best outcome for your case. Some of the legal services offered by our specialists in motoring law include:

– Negotiating for reduction of penalties.

– Helping motoring offenders enrol in speed awareness courses.

– Ensuring that all evidence gathered has met the necessary legal requirements.

– Gathering documentation such as medical records, letter/s of apology and character references.


Working with our expert speeding solicitors in Kidderminster assures your defence will have more weight in a court of law. Caddick Davies’ legal team has worked hard to become respected by courts nationwide, with our strong success rate based on our expertise, dedication and good reputation. Our solicitors will devote the time to putting together a strong case for you, leaving no detail unturned.

Your motoring lawyer will provide legal guidance which should always be followed if you are to negotiate the best outcome. We understand that motorists who have had their licence disqualified or suspended for some time may already have faced financial hardships due to impacts on their work and reputation. We ensure the costs of our legal services are transparent from the beginning. Our solicitors have vast knowledge and experience of motoring law and are able to advise clients in Kidderminster on the best way to approach their speeding charge.


Seeking legal representation from reputable speeding solicitors in Kidderminster offers you a higher chance of success. Our testimonials detailed the long list of clients who have been highly satisfied with our legal care. We offer professional yet affordable legal representation to our motoring clients. Contact us by phone on 0151 280 3346 or email via our website today to find out more about how our speeding solicitors at Caddick Davies can help.

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