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“Black Box” Technology Can See Drivers Being Fined for Speeding

Drivers who have sign up for “black box” car cover could be hit with a £100 fine from their insurer if they are found to be persistently speeding, according to an investigation by The Dail...
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Parking Tickets on the rise for Liverpool Bus Companies

It’s not just motorists who are falling foul of Liverpool’s strict parking restrictions. Bus companies have seen a steep rise in the number of parking tickets issued to their drivers in the city too....
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Motor Lawyers say Ministers “Will Ban Smoking in cars”

Government plans to prevent people from smoking in cars which are carrying children seem to be gathering momentum after a free vote on the issue in the House of Commons this week. Should the law be pa...
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Motorway Cameras Set to Catch Speeding Motorists

Speed cameras to catch motorists speeding are to be installed along motorways in the UK for the first time. At the moment, cameras are only used on stretches of road affected by road works, but the Hi...
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Smoking in a car carrying children to become illegal?

Smoking in cars that are carrying children could soon be banned. The House of Lords has backed a Labour plan to ban smoking in cars where children are present, despite opposition from the government....
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Man still Driving after Motoring & Speeding Offence

A man from Liverpool is still driving legally, despite having 45 points on his licence. The unnamed driver has been caught an incredible eight times in seven months for speeding, as well as not declar...
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“Green” speed limit to be introduced on the M1

For those of you who have the pleasure of being stuck on one of Britain’s busiest motorways on a regular basis, the following may not make pleasant reading. The speed limit on the M1 is to be cut f...
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Give up Drinking for the month of January in aid of charity!

At Caddick Davies Motoring Lawyers – we like to support charities and we encourage everyone to get involved with January’s Drylathon. To get involved all you need to do is to give up drink...
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Drink Driving Campaign Launched by Metropolitan Police in London

On 1st December 2013, the Metropolitan Police launched its annual crackdown on drink driving. Superintendant Husk from the Metropolitan Police John said: “Motorists need to be aware of the dange...
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Christmas Drink Driving Campaign Liverpool and Merseyside

On 2nd December 2013, Merseyside Police launched its annual crackdown on drink driving. Chief Inspector John Hogan said: “We want people to enjoy the festive period for the right reasons. A drin...
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