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RAC Says Over A Quarter Of Drivers Risk Their Safety By Driving Non-Stop For Five Or More Hours Abroad

According to a survey carried out by the RAC European Breakdown service, 27% of drivers who have taken their own cars abroad to Europe have driven non-stop for five or more hours, and one in ten have...
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New Highway Code Rules For 2022

The Highway code promotes road safety in the UK by outlining a list of rules, expectations, advice and guidance that all road users must abide by. Whilst most people have a good understanding of what...
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The True Number Of Abandoned Cars In The UK

Abandoned cars are a problem across the United Kingdom. Every year, thousands of vehicles are left unclaimed by their owners and end up abandoned on public roadsides and in car parks. The true number...
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Summary Only Offences – What You Need To Know

The vast majority of motoring offences are summary only offences, meaning that they are typically tried in a Magistrates’ court, without the need for a jury. The exception to this is dangerous driving...
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Behind the Headlines: New speeding guidelines explained

Drivers found guilty of the most serious speeding offences could face harsher penalties under new sentencing guidelines, but some confusion still surrounds the new law change. Stricter punishment for...
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If your driving licence is out of date you could be fined £1000

It’s thought that over 2.2 million UK driving licences are out of date, so make sure yours isn’t one of them. According to the DVLA, over 2.2million driving licences are out of date and pe...
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77 drivers across Lancashire handed new penalties for using a phone behind the wheel

A total of 77 drivers were stopped and handed tough new penalties as part of a week of action to catch motorists using mobile phones behind the wheel according to Lancashire Police. During the week lo...
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Driving laws are changing – but what can and can’t you do behind the wheel?

As of March 1st, anyone caught using their handheld mobile phone while driving will be in line for a £200 fine and six penalty points on their licence. The previous punishment for using a hand-held mo...
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New regulations on child booster seats – facts you NEED to know

New rules stopping younger children using backless booster seats are now in force. But don’t worry, if you currently use a backless booster seat, you won’t face any action or fine, as the...
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Tough new penalties for mobile use while driving apply from March 1st

Stiffer penalties for motorists caught using mobile phones will come into effect on March 1st as part of a national crackdown. Drivers caught using mobile phones are currently given three penalty poin...
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