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Booster seat ‘ban’ delayed

New rules being introduced next year will see backless car booster seats banned for younger children. Currently, children weighing as little as 15kg – around three years old – are permitted to travel...
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Ban on smoking in cars with children: Only one fine issued in the first year

A ban on smoking in cars with children has resulted in just one fine in a year, an investigation has found. It became illegal for motorists or passengers to smoke in a car in England and Wales, with a...
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Morning after the night before: Facts you must know

You wouldn’t consider getting behind the wheel after having a few drinks, so what’s so different about doing it the next morning if you’ve been out the night before? Some people think that if they hav...
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No second chance for motorists caught using their mobile while driving

Drivers caught using a mobile phone at the wheel will no longer be able to avoid getting points on their licence by taking a training workshop. The fine slapped on motorists caught illegally using the...
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QUIZ: How well do you know your road signs?

Road signs. We come across them every day, whether driving, on the bus or even walking along the street. But despite the fact we see them all the time, how many of us can say we know exactly what they...
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QUIZ: Are you prepared for winter driving?

Take the Caddick Davies winter motoring quiz and test your knowledge when it comes to driving at the most hazardous time of the year. Taking to the road always requires a great deal of concentration a...
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Two years after middle lane hogging law change only 135 fines have been issued

Over a third of drivers don’t know they could be fined if caught hogging the middle lane. Back in 2013 we advised drivers that hogging the middle lane on a motorway had become a ‘careless drivin...
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Britain’s Rudest Drivers revealed

The place in Britain with the rudest drivers has been named and shamed in a new study and motorists in Bristol are the biggest menace on our roads latest research shows. Using a mobile phone at the wh...
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Liverpool motorist still driving despite having 51 penalty points, but how?

A Liverpool motorist is driving on Britain’s roads despite having racked up a whopping 51 penalty points. The driver is one of two motorists in the country who have clocked up 51 points each but are s...
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Driving test to get a major overhaul

If you’ve taken your driving test chances are you will have spent countless hours beforehand perfecting your ‘reverse around the corner’ or ‘turn in the road’. Well, for anyone looking to take their t...
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