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Failure to Provide a Specimen Charges: UK Laws, Defences & Penalties

If you have been charged with failing to provide a specimen of breath for analysis in the UK, it is crucial to understand the severity of the offence and the potential consequences.  This offence, und...
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Special Reasons: How a Solicitor Can Help Reduce Your Motoring Offence Sentence

Mitigating circumstances and special reasons are factors that may lead to a reduced sentence or penalty for a motoring offence. These circumstances do not excuse the offence but may be considered by t...
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How To Remove Points From A Licence

There are a few ways to get points removed from a driving licence before they expire as standard after 3 years. The main circumstances are: Re-opening the case Appealing the conviction or sentence Bei...
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Behind the Headlines: New technology will lead to changes in speeding laws?

It was reported recently that following changes in camera technology, motorists could soon be facing fines and penalty points for driving even marginally over the speed limit. According to the article...
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Behind the Headlines: Driver caught travelling at 156mph on dual carriageway receives 6 month ban

Caddick Davies Solicitors recently represented a motorist caught driving at a speed of 156 mph on a stretch of dual carriageway. But much of the reporting centred on the fact that the driver was a pro...
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Neil Davies new Auto Express motoring law expert

Motor defence lawyer and senior partner at Caddick Davies, Neil Davies, will now be sharing his expert knowledge as Auto Express magazine’s latest expert panellist. Neil is no stranger to viewers of t...
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Behind the Headlines: Was a motorist really punished for hogging the middle lane?

The papers were full of one particular story this week after a driver was thought to be the first motorist to be fined for “middle lane hogging” on the M62 near Huddersfield. Ian Stephens was ordered...
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Behind the Headlines: Neil Davies explains how drunk, speeding motorist escaped jail

Senior Partner Neil Davies was in the news recently after he defended a man who had been caught driving at 121 mph while twice over the legal alcohol limit as three children sat in the back of the car...
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No special treatment for the ‘Special One’ says Neil Davies #AskNeilDavies

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has been banned from driving for six months after being caught speeding near the club’s training ground in Surrey. But this was simply a case of the ‘totting up’ pr...
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I’ve taken cannabis, how long before I can drive my car again? #AskNeilDavies

Neil Davies is a senior partner at Caddick Davies motoring solicitors and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all motoring related legal issues. This is your chance to get some first hand, valu...
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