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Can I Drive on the Day My Ban Ends?

No, in many cases, you cannot drive on the day the ban ends. This is because you might need to (1) re-apply for your driving licence, (2) undergo medical inquiries to verify your fitness to drive, or...
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A Guide To The New Drivers Act

The New Drivers Act, officially known as The Road Traffic (New Drivers) Act of 1995 sets specific conditions for those who’ve been licensed for less than two years. Within this period, if a new...
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Are Temporary Speed Limits Enforceable?

Yes, temporary speed limits are enforceable, making it essential for drivers to pay attention to displayed speed limits and watch for repeater signs indicating any temporary limit or changes, even on...
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50 in a 30 – What To Do If You Are Caught Speeding

If you are caught driving at ’50 in a 30′ mph zone, it will be classed as a serious speeding offence and you should seek expert legal advice from firms like Caddick Davies. They can help y...
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Driving on the Wrong Side of the Road: What You Need to Know

Driving on the wrong side of the road is most commonly charged as “driving without due care and attention, which is also known as “careless driving.” This offence occurs when a perso...
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Disqualified From Driving: Understanding The Consequences And Next Steps

If you have been to court and have been disqualified from driving or have just received notice from the DVLA or the Court that you have been disqualified from driving, you will need to understand the...
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TS10 Driving Offences: Everything You Need to Know About Traffic Signal Violations

TS10 driving offences refer to “failing to comply with traffic light signals in the UK.” This offence is more commonly known as “running a red light” and applies to any driver who does not...
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MS90 Conviction: Here’s What You Need To Know

How you’ll deal with an MS90 conviction will depend on the offence that led to the conviction and whether you wish to appeal it. Before deciding on a course of action, it’s best to consult with an exp...
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Drink Driving Court Outcomes: What You Can Expect and How to Prepare for Your Hearing

In court proceedings for drink driving in England and Wales, you can expect outcomes ranging from fines to driving disqualifications and even custodial sentences, depending on the severity of the offe...
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Driving Penalty Points: What You Need to Know About Accumulation and Removal

Driving penalty points can lead to fines, licence endorsements, and accumulating 12 or more points in a short time frame can result in a ‘totting up’ disqualification. In very serious case...
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