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How many points do you get on your phone when driving?

Using a mobile phone while driving has been illegal since 2003, with the penalty for the offence increasing through the years. As of March 1st 2017, the penalties have doubled from what was issued for offending in 2013. For those who are wondering “how many points for using a mobile phone while driving?”, here is an explanation of what you will be receiving on your licence. Part of the current punishment of using a mobile phone includes 6 penalty points, which is twice as much as issued back in 2013.

You should be informed on the fact that 6 mobile phone driving licence points can contribute a lot to you getting disqualified from driving. For new driving licence holders, within their first 2 years of driving, it would be an automatic disqualification from driving.

You get banned from driving if you get up to 6 penalty points in your first 2 years as a driver. You will have to retake the driving theory and practical test to be allowed to hold a licence and drive again. For other drivers, 6 points can risk an accumulation of points up to 12, which often leads to being disqualified, so take precautions.

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How much is the fine for using a mobile while driving?

Drivers concerned about the question “how many points for using a mobile phone while driving?”, should also understand about fines for using a mobile while driving. The fine is a penalty that has been increasing over the years, as since 2017 it has doubled from what one would pay in 2013. Currently, if you get caught using a mobile phone while driving, you’ll be fined up to £200.

You should understand that this is the minimum fine one gets for this offence. You might get a maximum fine of up to £1,000 in some cases. The maximum fine for those driving a lorry or a bus, basically the Group 2 licence holders is even higher at £2,500.

As a motoring offence legal team at Caddick Davies, we emphasise obeying the law on such matters. That said, we understand that motorists need guidance through the legal process, especially if they believe they may have mitigating factors in their case.

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Can you use a hands-free phone while driving?

Yes, in some cases drivers are allowed to use a hands-free phone while driving. As per the mobile phone driving law, it is illegal to use a handheld mobile device while driving. So, this in turn means that you can receive calls on your mobile phone only as long as it is hands-free. To use your mobile phone while driving, you’ll have to have it fully set up as a hands-free device before driving, whether a Bluetooth headset or voice command for calls.

This will allow you to receive calls while driving without having to touch or hold your phone. While using a hands-free phone while driving is allowed, you should be careful not to be distracted by it. Should the police have a reason to think you are distracted by a hands-free device, they may pull you over.

You could end up being fined or even receive the mobile phone driving licence points. It is important to understand that the driving new mobile phone driving law still applies to use of vehicles when supervising learner drivers, stopped at traffic lights, and even queueing in traffic.

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What if my Sat Nav is on my phone?

Nowadays mobile phones are excellent devices to use for satellite navigation. You can use your smartphone if your Sat Nav is on your phone. There are guidelines to follow to use your phone for maps when driving. If you don’t follow these, you may still end up having to ask the question “how many points for using a mobile phone while driving?”

Since you are required to remain in full control of your vehicle at all times while driving, to use the Sat Nav on your phone, you’ll have to use a dashboard holder or mat for your phone. A windscreen mount for your smartphone is also allowed to enable you to use the navigation on your phone without holding it. While all this is possible, you have to be cautious of distraction, since it can bring problems as mentioned earlier.

How do I find the right solicitor if I’m caught on my phone while driving?

Hopefully this short summary has helped guide you on what to do and what not to do when it comes to driving and mobile phone use. If any situation has led you to use a mobile phone while driving, you might have been caught and facing a charge. At this point, you will require the right legal assistance, specifically from a motoring solicitor who offers advice and representation to drivers caught using phones while driving.

Look for qualified and experienced motoring solicitors with a track record in defending similar cases. You can get exactly that from Caddick Davies. We have, for a number of years, specialised exclusively in motoring offences including using phones while driving. Our experts can consider a range of defences to your case, in order to mitigate or even eliminate the penalty you might receive.

You can call us on 03334 432 366, or use our website to request a callback, or email us. We have a team of legal experts who can not only answer any specific queries around “how many points for using a mobile phone while driving?” in your specific case, but also provide guidance on the required legal help you might need.

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