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Caddick Davies is a leading provider of specialist motoring and drink driving solicitors both in Preston and across the rest of England and Wales. We specialise in advising and representing motorists who are facing charges for a wide number of traffic offences including drink driving. Since drink driving is such a complex area of the law, anyone facing charges should always seek the assistance of an expert in the field.

Seeking out trusted legal advice and representation is the most important thing to do if you are facing a drink driving offence. Drink driving is a serious motoring offence that yields some serious consequences. If the drink driving solicitors at Caddick Davies believe that you could be in a place to have your sentence mitigated in any way, then we’ll take on your case and implement an effective strategy for legal representation.


The legal diligence and professionalism of our solicitors has led Caddick Davies to become a trusted name in courts across England and Wales. Over the years, our drink driving solicitors have built an outstanding track record, and because of this, we have become the “go-to” firm for anyone facing a motoring offence in Preston. We’ve also been called upon regularly by major media outlets such as the BBC, ITV and The Times to comment on a number of complex legal cases. Also, our Senior Partner, Neil Davies, has a column in Auto Express Magazine.

Drink driving is among the most serious motoring offences and it certainly is not condoned by the team at Caddick Davies. Our solicitors consider it to be a serious offence that impacts heavily on other drivers and pedestrians. We advise all motorists to avoid driving once they’ve consumed alcohol. You should never take chances and always seek to drive responsibly. We offer legal guidance to those who may have mitigating circumstances.


Caddick Davies only deals with motoring offences and by specialising in this area of the law, our speeding solicitors have gained in-depth specialist knowledge of traffic law and vast experience in representing clients facing a drink driving offence. Our speeding solicitors will explore all of the legal circumstances surrounding your case and put together an effective strategy to give the best possible chance of a favourable legal outcome.

We understand the financial stress involved in motoring prosecutions, which is why we have made our pricing structure both flexible and affordable. We currently operate a ‘Fixed Fee’ system in which the total fees payable will be agreed upon in the initial consultation. Our drink driving solicitors believe in providing clients with full transparency at all times, avoiding hidden charges as you await the verdict of your case.


If you’re facing a motoring offence in Preston, then our expert speeding solicitors here at Caddick Davies are on hand to supply you with elite legal advice and guidance. As one of the leading providers of drink driving solicitor services, we’re able to explore the possibilities of having your penalty mitigated by the court.

We offer a free initial telephone consultation, during which we’ll get to grips with the details of your case and provide you with practical advice on the best way to handle your case. You can contact us by telephone on 03334 432 366, or complete the enquiry form on our website and a member of our legal team will be in touch.

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