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Penalty For Going Through Red Light – What Are The Consequences?

Every motorist will understand the disappointment of seeing a traffic light change to amber just as you’re approaching. Whilst it can be tempting to increase your speed to get through the traffic ligh...
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Drunk in Charge of a Vehicle – The Potential Legal Consequences

Operating a vehicle when drunk is a serious offence in the UK, with severe legal consequences. One of the biggest sources of confusion around drink driving is how much alcohol you are legally allowed...
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Drug Driving Sentencing Guidelines – What You Need to Know

Drug driving sentencing guidelines in the UK are serious business. If you’re caught behind the wheel while on drugs, it’s likely that you’ll be charged with an offence and face a hef...
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Driving Not In Accordance With A Licence – Everything You Need To Know.

UK motoring law requires that anyone driving a motor vehicle in a public place should have a valid driving licence that permits them to drive the class of vehicle that they are driving at the time. If...
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Single Justice Procedure Notice – Here’s What You Need To Know

You might think that pleading guilty or not guilty are the only two options available when a charge is brought against you. But if you have received a single justice procedure notice through the post,...
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Failure To Provide A Specimen – What Are Your Next Steps?

Failure to provide a specimen of breath or blood when requested to by the police is a serious offence that can lead to harsh penalties. In fact, this offence is treated by the Courts almost as severel...
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Police Hit And Run Procedure UK – The Facts

UK motorists are legally obliged to stop their vehicle if they are involved in an accident and exchange details with any involved parties in accordance with section 170 of the Road Traffic Act 1988. I...
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Drink Driving Sentencing Guidelines: What You Need to Know

Driving while under the influence of alcohol is one of the most dangerous things you can do, and it is a crime. The penalties for drink driving are very severe in the UK, because it is not just bad fo...
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Driving Licence Revoked Reasons: What You Need To Know

If your driving licence is revoked, it is effectively cancelled by the DVLA. This means that you will no longer be legally permitted to drive in the UK. However, you might be wondering about the drivi...
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IN10 – 14 FAQs About Driving Without Insurance 

UK motoring law requires that anyone driving a motor vehicle in a public place should have at least a third-party insurance policy in place. At Caddick Davies Solicitors, we specialise in the represen...
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