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Driving Penalty Points: What You Need to Know About Accumulation and Removal

Driving penalty points can lead to fines, licence endorsements, and accumulating 12 or more points in a short time frame can result in a ‘totting up’ disqualification. In very serious case...
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How Long Do The Police Have To Prosecute For No Insurance?

In the UK, the police have up to 6 months from the date on which the prosecutor was given sufficient evidence of the offence of driving no insurance in which to prosecute the offender. This is differe...
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Mitigating Circumstances To Avoid A Driving Ban: Tips From A Motoring Solicitor

Mitigating circumstances are factors that can influence the decision-making process in court, often reducing the severity of the punishment received. This could involve explaining that the offence was...
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Photographic Evidence – Notice of Intended Prosecution

If you have received a Notice of intended prosecution for a driving offence but aren’t sure it was you that was driving, you can request photographic evidence from the Police before nominating a drive...
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UK Speed Limits – What To Do If You’re Charged With An Offence?

If you have broken UK speed limits and are charged with a speeding offence, you have several options. You can accept a fixed penalty notice, attend a speed awareness course if this is offered, or go t...
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DR10 Conviction

The police, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) and other official organisations use classification codes called endorsements to identify specific driving offences. What Is A DR10? A DR10 c...
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Caught driving without an MOT in the UK

Driving with a valid MOT is both a legal obligation and a safety precaution when driving on UK roads. Driving without a valid MOT is often unintentional and can easily happen. However, the law is the...
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Caught Driving Without Tax – Here’s What Happens Next

Driving without car tax is an offence in the UK. There are a few exceptions, but generally, if you use a UK-registered vehicle on public roads, you must pay road tax. Making sure your car is taxed is...
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Caught Drink Driving for the 2nd Time? We Can Help

Drink driving is a summary offence in the UK. It is dealt with in Magistrates’ court. The magistrates have specific sentencing guidelines they follow when imposing a sentence. Penalties include a driv...
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RAC Says Over A Quarter Of Drivers Risk Their Safety By Driving Non-Stop For Five Or More Hours Abroad

According to a survey carried out by the RAC European Breakdown service, 27% of drivers who have taken their own cars abroad to Europe have driven non-stop for five or more hours, and one in ten have...
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