Footballer Fined After Motorway Dash

Former England, Manchester United, Liverpool and West Ham footballer Paul Ince has been given five penalty points and ordered to pay £810 after admitting speeding on a stretch of motorway.

Though Ince himself was not at Warrington Magistrates’ Court to face charges of speeding on a stretch of the M6 motorway in Cheshire, his solicitor John Weate appeared on  his behalf.

The court heard that in the early hours of December 4th last year, Ince had been travelling back home to Neston, Cheshire, from  Yeovil where Blackpool Football Club had been defeated 1-0 by Yeovil Town.

Ince was manager of Championship side Blackpool at the time

Police alleged the former England captain had been driving at a constant speed of 96mph when spotted by a police officer and had accelerated to a speed of 100mph.

At the time of the incident he had six penalty points on his licence, from two previous speeding offences.

Mr Weate said Ince was unable to attend court due to a “professional engagement”.

He said Ince claimed he was driving at about 85mph, rather than 96mph but accepted he was driving in excess of the 70mph speed limit.

Mr Weate said although sentencing guidelines for the offence could include disqualification, none of the factors indicating higher culpability or greater harm existed.

He claimed: “The weather conditions were good, the road conditions were good and, in fact, as it was just before 1am the traffic  on the road at the time was light.”

Ince was ordered to pay a £665 fine, £85 court costs and a £60 victim surcharge within 14 days. He was also given five penalty points.

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