If your driving licence is out of date you could be fined £1000

It’s thought that over 2.2 million UK driving licences are out of date, so make sure yours isn’t one of them. According to the DVLA, over 2.2million driving licences are out of date and people don’t know it.  So if you’ve got a photo driving licence, get it out and check the 4b date on it,...

Men, what drives you NUTS about women drivers?

The women have had their say, so now it’s the turn of the fellas to reveal what makes them blow a gasket when it comes to the driving habits of female motorists. Men, we all know that we are the kings of the road, but just what is it about women drivers that make us so...

Women, what is it you hate about men drivers?

If you can bear it no longer, here is your chance to shout from the rooftops just what it is that you hate about men drivers! Women, what is it that drives you round the bend about male motorists? Is it their inability to admit they are wrong? Maybe it’s the fact that they still...

New regulations on child booster seats – facts you NEED to know

New rules stopping younger children using backless booster seats are now in force. But don’t worry, if you currently use a backless booster seat, you won’t face any action or fine, as the legislation only applies to the labelling of new seats on sale now. However, parents are still being urged to invest in high backed...

Tough new penalties for mobile use while driving apply from March 1st

Texting While Driving

Stiffer penalties for motorists caught using mobile phones will come into effect on March 1st as part of a national crackdown. Drivers caught using mobile phones are currently given three penalty points and a minimum fine of £100; but under the new rules, drivers can expect to receive stiffer penalties with six points on their...

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